The Cars (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The CarsCandy-OCD1979not rated36:24
The CarsCandy-O (Expanded Edition)CD1979not rated1:01:24
The CarsHeartbeat CityCD1984not rated38:35
The CarsHeartbeat City (Expanded Edition)CD1984not rated1:09:11
The CarsJust What I Needed: The Cars AnthologyCD1995not rated2:31:55
The CarsMove Like ThisCD2011not rated50:23
The CarsPanoramaCD1980not rated40:14
The CarsPanorama (Expanded Edition)CD1980not rated57:05
The CarsShake It UpCD1981not rated40:43
The CarsShake It Up (Expanded Edition)CD1981not rated1:18:56
The CarsThe Cars (Deluxe Edition)CD1978not rated1:31:38
The CarsThe Cars Unlocked: The Live PerformancesDVD/CD2006not rated56:27