Rick Springfield (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Rick SpringfieldCatch Me If You CanCD1974not rated45:15
Rick SpringfieldComic Book Heroes (Original Album Classics)CD1973not rated40:04
Rick SpringfieldKarmaCD1999not rated49:45
Rick SpringfieldLiving In OzCD1983not rated39:23
Rick SpringfieldLiving In Oz (Original Album Classics)CD1983not rated39:23
Rick SpringfieldRocket Science (Best Buy Exclusive Edition)CD2016not rated51:36
Rick SpringfieldShock/Denial/Anger/AcceptanceCD2004not rated48:41
Rick SpringfieldSongs for the End of the World (Best Buy Exclusive Edition)CD2012not rated54:57
Rick SpringfieldStripped DownCD/DVD2015not rated1:32:24
Rick SpringfieldSuccess Hasn't Spoiled Me YetCD1982not rated36:56
Rick SpringfieldSuccess Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (Original Album Classics)CD1982not rated36:56
Rick SpringfieldTao (Original Album Classics)CD1985not rated41:00
Rick SpringfieldThe Day After YesterdayCD2005not rated1:10:39
Rick SpringfieldThe Snake KingCD2018not rated57:37
Rick SpringfieldVenus In OverdriveCD2008not rated41:37
Rick SpringfieldWorking Class Dog (Original Album Classics)CD1981not rated42:47
Rick SpringfieldWorking Class Dog (remastered)CD1981not rated42:47
Rick SpringfieldWritten In Rock: Rick Springfield AnthologyCD2005not rated2:33:21