Pendragon (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
PendragonBelieveCD2005not rated51:48
PendragonKowtow (remastered)CD1988not rated1:04:15
PendragonLive In Krakow 1996CD1997not rated1:10:14
PendragonLove Over FearCD2020not rated1:04:08
PendragonMen Who Climb Mountains (Limited Edition)CD2014not rated2:09:06
PendragonNot Of This WorldCD2001not rated1:16:22
PendragonOnce Upon A Time In England Volume 1CD1999not rated1:03:41
PendragonOnce Upon A Time In England Volume 2CD1999not rated59:53
PendragonPassion (Special Edition)CD/DVD2011not rated54:48
PendragonPast and Presence (Special Edition)DVD/2CD2007not rated3:18:50
PendragonPure (Special Edition)CD/DVD2008not rated53:10
PendragonThe Jewel (remastered)CD1985not rated1:07:45
PendragonThe Masquerade OvertureCD1996not rated1:15:05
PendragonThe Very Very Bootleg (Live In Lille, France, 1992)CD1993not rated52:17
PendragonThe Window of LifeCD1993not rated54:09
PendragonThe Window of Life (remastered)CD1994not rated1:19:12
PendragonThe WorldCD1991not rated1:06:50
PendragonUtrecht...The Final FrontierCD1995not rated58:24