Nosound (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
NosoundA Sense Of Loss (Deluxe Edition)CD/DVD2009not rated1:43:20
NosoundAfterthoughts (Deluxe Mediabook Edition)CD/DVD2013not rated1:43:54
NosoundAllow YourselfCD2018not rated38:44
NosoundAt The Pier [EP]CD2012not rated15:27
NosoundLightdark (Deluxe Mediabook Edition)CD/DVD2008not rated2:21:35
NosoundScintilla (Deluxe Edition)CD/Blu-ray2016not rated1:37:58
NosoundSlow, It Goes [EP]CD2007not rated28:08
NosoundSol29CD2005not rated1:04:12
NosoundSol29 (expanded / remastered)CD/DVD2005not rated2:40:37
NosoundTeide 2390 (Deluxe Mediabook Edition)CD/DVD2015not rated3:04:31
NosoundThe Northern Religion Of ThingsCD2011not rated50:34
NosoundThe World Is OutsideDVD2006not rated58:49
NosoundThis Night (Live in Veruno)CD2021not rated33:24