Joe Satriani (28 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Joe SatrianiBlack Swans and Wormhole WizardsCD2010not rated53:17
Joe SatrianiCrystal PlanetCD1998not rated1:07:44
Joe SatrianiEngines Of CreationCD2000not rated53:34
Joe SatrianiFlying In A Blue DreamCD1989not rated1:04:55
Joe SatrianiIs There Love In Space?CD2004not rated58:12
Joe SatrianiJoe SatrianiCD1995not rated1:00:22
Joe SatrianiLive In Paris: I Just Wanna RockCD2010not rated2:06:43
Joe SatrianiLive In Paris: I Just Wanna RockDVD2010not rated2:12:05
Joe SatrianiLive In San FranciscoDVD2001not rated2:27:42
Joe SatrianiLive In San FranciscoCD2001not rated2:27:42
Joe SatrianiNot Of This EarthCD1986not rated38:38
Joe SatrianiProfessor Satchafunkilus & the Musterion of Rock (Deluxe Edition)CD/DVD2008not rated54:19
Joe SatrianiSatchurated: Live In MontrealBlu-ray2012not rated2:34:40
Joe SatrianiSatchurated: Live In MontrealCD2012not rated2:30:48
Joe SatrianiSatriani Live!CD2006not rated2:08:37
Joe SatrianiSatriani Live!DVD2006not rated2:08:32
Joe SatrianiShapeshiftingCD2020not rated46:34
Joe SatrianiShockwave SupernovaCD2015not rated1:04:12
Joe SatrianiStrange Beautiful MusicCD2002not rated1:00:22
Joe SatrianiSuper ColossalCD2006not rated59:01
Joe SatrianiSurfing With The Alien (Legacy Edition)CD/DVD1987not rated37:47
Joe SatrianiThe Electric Joe Satriani: An AnthologyCD2003not rated2:24:27
Joe SatrianiThe Elephants Of Mars (Limited Edition)CD2022not rated1:06:37
Joe SatrianiThe ExtremistCD1992not rated47:56
Joe SatrianiThe Satch TapesDVD1993not rated
Joe SatrianiTime MachineCD1993not rated2:19:54
Joe SatrianiUnstoppable MomentumCD2013not rated45:02
Joe SatrianiWhat Happens NextCD2018not rated51:27