Heather Findlay (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Heather FindlayAces and Eights: A Night In The Saloon BarCD2018not rated55:25
Heather FindlayHorse FeathersCD2017not rated7:53
Heather FindlayI Am SnowCD2017not rated46:13
Heather FindlayLive At The Café 68CD2012not rated56:28
Heather FindlayLive White Horses (Limited Edition)CD2020not rated2:07:11
Heather FindlaySongs From The Old KitchenCD2012not rated45:41
Heather FindlayThe Phoenix Suite [EP]CD2011not rated21:41
Heather FindlayWild White HorsesCD2019not rated51:31