George Lynch (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
George LynchFurious GeorgeCD2004not rated1:01:18
George LynchGuitar SlingerCD2007not rated1:02:21
George LynchHeavy HittersCD2020not rated50:15
George LynchKill All ControlCD2011not rated56:30
George LynchLegacyCD2012not rated17:59
George LynchLet The Truth Be KnownCD2008not rated1:01:22
George LynchOrchestral MayhemCD2010not rated47:53
George LynchSacred GrooveCD1993not rated47:02
George LynchShadow TrainCD2015not rated1:25:52
George LynchWicked UndergroundCD2003not rated55:06
George LynchWill Play For FoodCD2001not rated1:11:37