Frank Marino (25 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Frank MarinoChild Of The NoveltyCD1974not rated37:49
Frank MarinoChild Of The Novelty (remastered)CD1974not rated38:34
Frank MarinoChild Of The Novelty / Maxoom / Strange Universe (remastered)CD2008not rated1:56:48
Frank MarinoDouble LiveCD1988not rated1:14:17
Frank MarinoDouble Live (remastered)CD1988not rated1:19:13
Frank MarinoEye Of The StormCD2001not rated1:12:31
Frank MarinoFrom The HipCD1993not rated48:26
Frank MarinoFrom The Hip (remastered)CD1993not rated1:05:29
Frank MarinoFull CircleCD1986not rated47:52
Frank MarinoFull Circle (remastered)CD1986not rated52:46
Frank MarinoJuggernautCD1982not rated44:31
Frank MarinoLiveCD1978not rated45:42
Frank MarinoLive / Tales Of The Unexpected / What's Next (remastered)CD2008not rated2:11:04
Frank MarinoLive at the Agora Theatre3DVD/Blu-ray2019not rated4:00
Frank MarinoMahogany Rush IVCD1976not rated44:09
Frank MarinoMahogany Rush IV / World Anthem (remastered)CD2008not rated1:29:31
Frank MarinoMaxoom (remastered)CD1973not rated35:12
Frank MarinoRealLIVE!CD2004not rated2:37:24
Frank MarinoStrange UniverseCD1975not rated41:35
Frank MarinoStrange Universe (remastered)CD1975not rated42:50
Frank MarinoTales Of The UnexpectedCD1979not rated41:59
Frank MarinoThe Power Of Rock And RollCD1981not rated41:34
Frank MarinoThe Power Of Rock And Roll / Juggernaut (remastered)CD2012not rated1:26:22
Frank MarinoWhat's NextCD1980not rated1:08:31
Frank MarinoWorld AnthemCD1977not rated45:19