Fates Warning (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of GrayCD1997not rated53:46
Fates WarningAwaken The Guardian (Expanded Edition)2CD/DVD1986not rated1:38:20
Fates WarningDarkness In A Different Light (Limited Edition)CD2013not rated1:19:11
Fates WarningDisconnectedCD2000not rated51:30
Fates WarningFWXCD2004not rated52:15
Fates WarningInside Out (Expanded Edition)2CD/DVD1994not rated1:57:13
Fates WarningLive In AthensDVD2005not rated
Fates WarningLive Over Europe (Limited Mediabook Edition)CD2018not rated2:17:52
Fates WarningLive at the DynamoDVD2000not rated
Fates WarningLong Day Good NightCD2020not rated1:12:22
Fates WarningNight On Brocken (remastered)CD1984not rated1:02:37
Fates WarningNo Exit (Metal Blade 25th Anniversay Edition)CD/DVD1988not rated1:49:26
Fates WarningParallels (Expanded Edition)2CD/DVD1991not rated2:01:12
Fates WarningPerfect Symmetry (Special Edition)2CD/DVD1989not rated1:38:47
Fates WarningStill LifeCD1998not rated1:47:32
Fates WarningThe Spectre Within (remastered)CD1985not rated1:18:58
Fates WarningThe View From HereDVD2003not rated
Fates WarningTheories of FlightCD2016not rated1:13:42