Dokken (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
DokkenBack For The AttackCD1987not rated1:03:07
DokkenBeast From The EastCD1988not rated1:13:30
DokkenBreaking The ChainsCD1983not rated36:31
DokkenBroken Bones (Special Edition)CD/DVD2012not rated1:15:12
DokkenDysfunctionalCD1995not rated54:59
DokkenErase The SlateCD1999not rated47:56
DokkenFrom Conception: Live 1981CD2007not rated48:40
DokkenHell To PayCD2004not rated48:22
DokkenLightning Strikes AgainCD2008not rated51:16
DokkenLive From The SunCD2000not rated1:09:11
DokkenLong Way HomeCD2002not rated37:11
DokkenShadowlifeCD1997not rated52:01
DokkenTooth And NailCD1984not rated38:20
DokkenUnder Lock And KeyCD1985not rated42:30