Mötley Crüe
Theatre Of Pain (remastered)

Mötley Crüe - Theatre Of Pain (remastered)

  • Release date: 1985
  • Genre: Glam Metal
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 58:22
  • not rated
  • Added February 11
  • Played February 13


1. City Boy Bluesnot rated4:09
2. Smokin' In The Boys Roomnot rated3:27
3. Louder Than Hellnot rated2:32
4. Keep Your Eye On The Moneynot rated4:39
5. Home Sweet Homenot rated3:59
6. Tonight (We Need A Lover)not rated3:37
7. Use It Or Lose Itnot rated2:38
8. Save Our Soulsnot rated4:12
9. Raise Your Hands To Rocknot rated2:48
10. Fight For Your Rightsnot rated3:49
11. Home Sweet Home (Demo)not rated4:23
12. Smokin' In The Boys Room (Alternate Guitar Solo-Rough Mix)not rated3:34
13. City Boys Blues (Demo)not rated4:28
14. Home Sweet Home (Instrumental Rough Mix)not rated2:57
15. Keep Your Eye On The Money (Demo)not rated3:49
16. Tommy's Drum Piece From Cherokee Studiosnot rated3:14

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