Clive Nolan
King's Ransom

Clive Nolan - King's Ransom

  • Release date: 2017
  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Format: 3CD/DVD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:56:11
  • not rated
  • Added October 7, 2017
  • Played October 7, 2017


Act 1
1. Prologue (The World Is A Different Place)not rated2:17
2. Overturenot rated1:53
3. Interesting Timesnot rated6:34
4. Poison Runs The Coursenot rated3:37
5. Silent Armynot rated5:16
6. Salvation Has A Namenot rated3:31
7. The Deal Is Madenot rated4:07
8. Legend Of The Unicorn Orchidnot rated4:20
9. A Country On The Brinknot rated4:54
10. Solitary Mannot rated3:49
11. The Summoningnot rated4:26
12. Death By Misadventurenot rated3:48
13. A Fly In The Ointmentnot rated1:51
14. Silent Wordsnot rated5:57
15. Eyes Of The Basilisknot rated6:04
Act 2
1. Interludenot rated1:44
2. Hauntednot rated4:26
3. Nostalgianot rated4:09
4. In Harm's Waynot rated4:06
5. Tom Returnsnot rated1:39
6. In The Palm Of My Handnot rated2:42
7. Letting My Demons Gonot rated3:21
8. Stand Fastnot rated4:50
9. Defiantnot rated4:20
10. I Should Have Knownnot rated1:55
11. Hold On!not rated1:40
12. Serpent In The Grassnot rated1:58
13. The Future Will Be Oursnot rated2:10
14. Turning The Tablesnot rated2:08
15. Dare To Be Happynot rated3:54
16. Set For The Tasknot rated4:50
17. St. Paul'snot rated6:49
18. Epilogue (Stand Fast Reprise)not rated4:44
There's More (Demos and Extras)
1. Defiant (Sung by Victoria Bolley)not rated3:38
2. Nostalgia (Sung by Clive Nolan)not rated5:49
3. Legend Of The Unicorn Orchid (Sung by Christina Booth)not rated3:11
4. In The Palm Of My Hand (Sung by Gemma Ashley)not rated3:23
5. Silent Words (Sung by Clive Nolan)not rated4:59
6. Death By Misadventure (Sung by Ian Baldwin)not rated3:16
7. Letting My Demons Go (Sung by Laura Piazzai Epifani)not rated2:56
8. We Still Need You (Sung by Clive Nolan)not rated2:03
9. The Future Will Be Ours (Sung by Natalie Barnett)not rated2:10
10. Poison Runs The Course (Sung by Ross Andrews)not rated2:53
11. Dare To Be Happy (Sung by Clive Nolan and Gemma Ashley)not rated3:56
12. Letting My Demons Go (Sung by Jamie Anderson)not rated2:58
13. Covent Garden Instrumentalnot rated7:02
14. Audio Advert 1not rated1:44
15. Audio Advert 2not rated2:00
1. A Documentary by Neil Monaghannot rated0:00
2. King Returnsnot rated0:00
3. Jeopardynot rated0:00
4. Harm's Waynot rated0:00

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