Daft Punk
Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

  • Release date: 2011
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Format: CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 1:17:50
  • not rated
  • Added March 28, 2013
  • Played April 21, 2013


1. Derezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob)not rated4:22
2. Fall (Remixed By M83 Vs Big Black Delta)not rated3:54
3. The Grid (Remixed By The Crystal Method)not rated4:27
4. Adagio For TRON (Remixed By Teddybears)not rated5:34
5. The Son Of Flynn (Remixed By Ki:Theory)not rated4:51
6. C.L.U. (Remixed By Paul Oakenfold)not rated4:35
7. The Son Of Flynn (Remixed By Moby)not rated6:32
8. End Of Line (Remixed By Boys Noize)not rated5:40
9. Rinzler (Remixed By Kaskade)not rated6:52
10. Encom Part II (Remixed By Com Truise)not rated4:52
11. End Of Line (Remixed By Photek)not rated5:18
12. Arena (Remixed By The Japanese Popstars)not rated6:07
13. Derezzed (Remixed By Avicii)not rated5:03
14. Solar Sailor (Remixed By Pretty Lights)not rated4:32
15. TRON Legacy (End Titles) (Remixed By Sander Kleinenberg)not rated5:04

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