Roger Hodgson
Take The Long Way Home

Roger Hodgson - Take The Long Way Home

  • Release date: 2006
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: DVD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 2:52:47
  • not rated
  • Added March 12, 2007


1. Intronot rated2:02
2. Take The Long Way Homenot rated5:35
3. Give A Little Bitnot rated4:26
4. Lovers In The Windnot rated4:38
5. Hide In Your Shellnot rated6:56
6. Oh Brothernot rated4:49
7. The Logical Songnot rated4:19
8. Easy Does Itnot rated2:23
9. Sister Moonshinenot rated2:38
10. Love Is A Thousand Timesnot rated2:47
11. Breakfast In Americanot rated3:00
12. Don't Leave Me Nownot rated4:49
13. Dreamernot rated4:23
14. It's Raining Againnot rated6:14
15. Schoolnot rated5:53
16. Two Of Usnot rated2:04
17. Give A Little Bitnot rated5:12
18. Even In The Quietest Moments (Bonus Track)not rated3:45
19. Dreamer w/ Orchestra (Bonus Track)not rated3:34
20. The Logical Song w/ Orchestra (Extra Sneak Preview)not rated0:47
21. Fool's Overture w/ Orchestra, Part 1 (Extra Sneak Preview)not rated1:23
22. Fool's Overture w/ Orchestra, Part 2 (Extra Sneak Preview)not rated1:37
23. Behnd The Scenes: Sound Checknot rated11:33
24. Behnd The Scenes: Fan's Impressionnot rated7:15
25. Behnd The Scenes: Backstage Passnot rated13:51
26. A Conversation with Roger: The Awakening Songnot rated3:07
27. A Conversation with Roger: Sister Moonshinenot rated6:05
28. A Conversation with Roger: Fool's Overturenot rated12:48
29. A Conversation with Roger: Don't Leave Me Nownot rated8:37
30. Montreal Interviewnot rated26:17

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