Neal Morse
Inner Circle CD #4: Hitman: A Musical

Neal Morse - Inner Circle CD #4: Hitman: A Musical

  • Release date: 2005
  • Genre: Musical
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:17:44
  • not rated
  • Added November 18, 2005


1. Intronot rated5:08
2. The Overture/The Buzznot rated7:24
3. Set Up For I Want To Benot rated0:43
4. I Want To Benot rated3:49
5. Set Up For Hit Mannot rated1:10
6. Hit Mannot rated4:56
7. Set Up For You Were My Eyesnot rated1:04
8. You Were My Eyesnot rated1:10
9. Set Up For We Are The Artistsnot rated1:29
10. We Are The Artistsnot rated4:38
11. Set Up For The Contract/Sign Herenot rated1:14
12. The Contract/Sign Herenot rated4:51
13. Have You Heard?not rated0:58
14. Set Up For The Duetnot rated2:01
15. The Duetnot rated4:17
16. Set Up For You're What Makes Me Ticknot rated0:50
17. You're What Makes Me Ticknot rated2:16
18. Set Up For Wolfe's Big Debutnot rated0:53
19. Wolfe's Big Debutnot rated5:15
20. Set Up For Until He Finds Menot rated1:07
21. Until He Finds Menot rated4:10
22. Set Up For The Glorynot rated1:12
23. The Glorynot rated3:32
24. Set Up For Collideoscopenot rated0:54
25. Collideoscopenot rated1:12
26. Set Up For There's The Moonnot rated0:32
27. There's The Moonnot rated3:55
28. Set Up For The Endnot rated1:35
29. The Buzz Reprisenot rated2:40
30. Never Let The Light Go Darknot rated2:35

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