Cheap Trick
Sex, America, Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick - Sex, America, Cheap Trick

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 4:28:15
  • not rated
  • Added September 27, 2003


1. Hello Therenot rated1:41
2. Elo Kiddies (single version)not rated3:42
3. Hot Lovenot rated2:32
4. Oh, Candy (single version)not rated3:07
5. Mandocellonot rated4:48
6. Lovin' Money (previously unreleased)not rated4:09
7. I Want You To Want Me (alternate, previously unreleased version)not rated3:01
8. Southern Girls (single version)not rated3:36
9. So Good To See Younot rated3:37
10. Down On The Bay (live) (previously unreleased)not rated3:33
11. Mrs. Henry (live) (previously unreleased)not rated9:36
12. Violins (live) (previously unreleased)not rated6:12
13. Ballad Of TV Violence (live) (alternate version)not rated4:52
14. You're All Talk (live) (alternate version)not rated3:56
15. Fan Club (demo) (previously unreleased)not rated7:11
1. Surrendernot rated4:15
2. High Roller (alternate version)not rated3:59
3. On Top Of The Worldnot rated4:06
4. Auf Wiedersehennot rated3:42
5. I Want You To Want Me (live)not rated3:43
6. Clock Strikes Ten (live)not rated3:56
7. Dream Policenot rated3:54
8. Way Of The Worldnot rated3:39
9. Gonna Raise Hellnot rated9:20
10. Voicesnot rated4:22
11. Stop This Gamenot rated3:57
12. Just Got Backnot rated2:05
13. Baby Loves To Rocknot rated3:17
14. Everything Works If You Let It (alternate version)not rated3:56
15. World's Greatest Lover (demo - Rick vocal)not rated4:57
16. Waitin' For The Man/Herion (live - Tom vocal) (previously unreleased)not rated7:47
1. Daytripper (live) (unedited, alternate version)not rated4:18
2. World's Greatest Lovernot rated4:51
3. I Need Love (demo) (previously unreleased)not rated3:57
4. I'm The Man (previously unreleased)not rated2:11
5. Born To Raise Hell (previously unreleased)not rated2:46
6. Ohm Sweet Ohm (previously unreleased)not rated2:50
7. She's Tightnot rated2:59
8. Love's Got A Hold On Menot rated2:37
9. If You Want My Love (alternate, extra bridge version)not rated4:26
10. Lookin' Out For Number Onenot rated3:43
11. Don't Make Our Love A Crime (demo) (previously unreleased)not rated3:34
12. All I Really Want (non LP B-side)not rated2:30
13. I Can't Take Itnot rated3:28
14. Twisted Heart (previously unreleased)not rated4:17
15. Invaders Of The Heartnot rated4:00
16. Y O Y O Ynot rated7:29
1. Tonight It's Younot rated4:48
2. Cover Girlnot rated3:42
3. This Time Aroundnot rated4:34
4. A Place In France (previously unreleased)not rated3:52
5. Funk #9 (The Doctor demo) (previously unreleased)not rated3:36
6. Take Me To The Topnot rated4:00
7. Money Is The Route Of All Fun (previously unreleased)not rated2:48
8. Fortune Cookie (demo) (previously unreleased)not rated3:41
9. You Want Itnot rated3:41
10. The Flamenot rated5:38
11. Through The Night (non LP B-side)not rated4:19
12. Stop That Thief (previously unreleased in the U.S.)not rated3:55
13. I Know What I Want (live) (non LP B-side)not rated4:45
14. Had To Make You Minenot rated3:16
15. I Can't Understand Itnot rated3:29
16. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Lovenot rated3:50
17. Come On Christmasnot rated7:30

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