Tenacious D
The Complete Masterworks

Tenacious D - The Complete Masterworks

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 10:13
  • not rated
  • Added December 4, 2003


For Fans - Concert: Live At Brix
1. Program Startnot rated0:00
2. Flashnot rated0:00
3. Wonderboynot rated0:00
4. Explosivonot rated0:00
5. Medleynot rated0:00
6. Karatenot rated0:00
7. Kyle Quit The Bandnot rated0:00
8. Friendshipnot rated0:00
9. Kielbasanot rated0:00
10. Dionot rated0:00
11. The Roadnot rated0:00
12. The Cosmic Shamenot rated0:00
13. FHGnot rated0:00
14. Tributenot rated0:00
15. Rock Your Socksnot rated0:00
16. Double Teamnot rated0:00
17. The Search For Inspirado (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
18. Angel In Disguise (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
19. Death Of A Dream (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
20. The Greatest Song In The World (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
21. The Fan (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
22. Road Gig (HBO Episode)not rated0:00
For Psycho Fans
1. JB's BJ (HBO Short Film)not rated0:00
2. Rock Star Sperm For Sale (HBO Short Film)not rated0:00
3. Butt Baby (HBO Short Film)not rated0:00
4. Tenacious D In The Studionot rated0:00
5. MadTV (TV Appearances)not rated0:00
6. Crank Yankers (TV Appearances)not rated0:00
7. Late Night With Conan O'Brien (TV Appearances)not rated0:00
8. Tribute (Music Video)not rated0:00
9. Making Of Tribute (Music Video)not rated0:00
10. Wonderboy (Music Video)not rated0:00
11. Making Of Wonderboy (Music Video)not rated0:00
12. FHG (Music Video)not rated0:00
13. Tenacious D On The Road Documentarynot rated0:00
D Fun Pak
1. Cave Intronot rated0:46
2. Jesus Ranch (Demo)not rated2:14
3. Kyle Quit The Band (Demo)not rated2:10
4. Explosivo (Mocean Worker's Megamix)not rated5:02

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