Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Christmas Trilogy

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Trilogy

  • Release date: 2004
  • Genre: Holiday
  • Format: 3CD/DVD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 3:30:16
  • not rated
  • Added December 11, 2004


Christmas Eve and Other Stories
1. An Angel Came Downnot rated3:51
2. O Come All Ye Faithful / O' Holy Nightnot rated4:19
3. A Star to Follownot rated3:49
4. First Snownot rated3:52
5. The Silent Nutcrackernot rated2:22
6. A Mad Russians Christmasnot rated4:42
7. The Prince of Peacenot rated3:32
8. Christmas Eve - Sarajevo 12/24not rated3:25
9. Good King Joynot rated6:35
10. Ornamentnot rated3:37
11. The First Noelnot rated0:54
12. Old City Barnot rated6:17
13. Promises to Keepnot rated2:41
14. This Christmas Daynot rated4:20
15. An Angel Returnednot rated3:52
16. O Holy Nightnot rated2:39
17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemennot rated1:16
The Christmas Attic
1. The Ghosts Of Christmas Evenot rated2:15
2. Boughs Of Hollynot rated4:24
3. The World That She Seesnot rated3:00
4. The World That He Seesnot rated4:45
5. Midnight Christmas Evenot rated4:21
6. The March of the Kings / Hark The Herald Angels Singnot rated3:52
7. The Three Kings And I (What Really Happened)not rated6:29
8. Christmas Canonnot rated4:19
9. Joy / Angels We Have Heard On Highnot rated3:55
10. Find Our Way Homenot rated3:45
11. Appalachian Snowfallnot rated4:12
12. The Music Boxnot rated3:01
13. The Snow Came Downnot rated5:43
14. Christmas In The Airnot rated4:12
15. Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)not rated7:04
16. An Angel's Sharenot rated3:05
17. Music Box Bluesnot rated4:57
The Lost Christmas Eve
1. Faith Noelnot rated4:32
2. The Lost Christmas Evenot rated5:33
3. Christmas Dreamsnot rated3:54
4. Wizards in Winternot rated3:05
5. Remembernot rated3:25
6. Anno Dominenot rated2:13
7. Christmas Concertonot rated0:42
8. Queen of the Winter Nightnot rated3:11
9. Christmas Nights in Bluenot rated4:18
10. Christmas Jazznot rated2:16
11. Christmas Jamnot rated3:47
12. Siberian Sleigh Ridenot rated3:08
13. What is Christmas?not rated2:51
14. For the Sake of Our Brothernot rated3:09
15. The Wisdom of Snownot rated2:01
16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)not rated3:42
17. Back to a Reason (part II)not rated4:52
18. Christmas Bells, Carousels & Timenot rated1:04
19. What Child is This?not rated5:57
20. O' Come All Ye Faithfulnot rated1:26
21. Christmas Canon Rocknot rated5:02
22. Different Wingsnot rated2:44
23. Midnight Clearnot rated1:38
The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve DVD
1. O' Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Nightnot rated0:00
2. Good King Joynot rated0:00
3. Hark! The Heralds Angels Sing (featuring Jewel)not rated0:00
4. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)not rated0:00
5. Christmas Canonnot rated0:00
6. O' Holy Night (featuring Michael Crawford)not rated0:00
7. Music Box Bluesnot rated0:00
8. Promises To Keepnot rated0:00
9. This Christmas Daynot rated0:00
10. First Snownot rated0:00

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