Spock's Beard
Octane (Special Edition)

Spock's Beard - Octane (Special Edition)

  • Release date: 2005
  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Format: CD
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:23:05
  • not rated
  • Added March 25, 2005


1. A Flash Before My Eyes: I. The Ballet Of The Impactnot rated5:34
2. A Flash Before My Eyes: II. I Wouldn't Let It Gonot rated4:53
3. A Flash Before My Eyes: III. Surfing Down The Avalanchenot rated3:43
4. A Flash Before My Eyes: IV. She Is Everythingnot rated6:46
5. A Flash Before My Eyes: V. Climbing Up That Hillnot rated3:31
6. A Flash Before My Eyes: VI. Letting Gonot rated1:52
7. A Flash Before My Eyes: VII. Of The Beauty Of It Allnot rated4:53
8. NWCnot rated4:16
9. There Was A Timenot rated4:58
10. The Planet's Humnot rated4:42
11. Watching The Tidenot rated5:07
12. As Long As We Ridenot rated5:35
1. When She's Gonenot rated5:41
2. Follow Me To Sleepnot rated5:39
3. Game Facenot rated4:10
4. Broken Promise Landnot rated4:45
5. Listening To The Skynot rated3:08
6. Someday I'll Be Found (String Quartet, Flash 2)not rated1:04
7. I Was Never Lost (Background Vocals, Flash 2)not rated1:09
8. Paint Me A Picture (Pipe Organ Outtake From Flash)not rated1:31

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