Complete list of rogpo's songs

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Artist Composer Title Genres Album Released Duration
Lyobov SokolovaShostakovichSix Poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, a suite for contralto and piano, Op. 143 (1973) - The Poet and the TsarVocal/Russian SongComplete Songs CD220021:38
M. Ward, Conor Oberst & Jim JamesGirl From The North CountryMojo Dylan Covered20054:42
Ma Rainey & Fletcher HendersonBooze And BluesVocalLadies Sing The Blues (3CD1)20103:19
Ma Rainey & Fletcher HendersonToad Frog BluesVocalLadies Sing The Blues (3CD3)20103:10
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertAm Flusse D766, 'Verfliesset, vielgeliebte Lieder'Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) Duplicates1:35
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertAn die Entfernte D765, 'So hab’ ich wirklich dich verloren?'Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) Duplicates3:15
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDer Wachtelschlag D742Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 251:53
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDer Zürnende Barde D785Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 262:11
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDie Befreier Europas In Paris D104 (Mikan)Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 32:36
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDie Liebe Hat Gelogen D751Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 252:38
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDie Wallfahrt D778a Ed. Hoorickx (Rückert)Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 271:03
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertDu Liebst Mich Nicht D756Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 253:23
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertIhr Grab D736Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 254:00
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertSchatzgräbers Begehr D761Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 263:55
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertSei mir gegrüßt D741Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 254:46
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertSelige Welt D743Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 251:10
Maarten KoningsbergerSchubertTodesmusik D758Vocal/LiederComplete Songs (Hyperion) 265:24
Mabel GarrisonHalévyCall me thine own (L'Eclair)Opera/Russian SongThe Record Of Singing: Vol.1-4 [Disc 4]4:20
Mabel GarrisonOffenbachLes oiseaux dans la charmille (Doll Song) (Les Contes d Hoffmann)Vocal/OperaPrima Voce - Treasury of Opera - Vol. 1 - CD34:36
Mack HarrellWolfAbschied - Morike Lieder: No. 53Lieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell3:23
Mack HarrellSchubertAn die Leier, Op. 56, No. 2, D. 737Lieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell4:35
Mack HarrellMassenetCrépuscule - Poème pastoraleLieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell2:38
Mack HarrellFauréFleur jetée, Op. 39, No. 2Lieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell1:44
Mack HarrellNiles, John JacobGambling Songs: Gambler, don't lose your PlaceLieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell3:45
Mack HarrellNiles, John JacobGambling Songs: The Gambler's LamentLieder/French SongLieder Recital: Karin Branzell - Mack Harrell3:09

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