Valery Gergiev (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Valery GergievBetrothal in a Monastery (The Duenna)CD1998not rated2:32:45
Valery GergievBoris Godunov - 1869CD1998not rated2:06:49
Valery GergievKashchey the ImmortalCD1999not rated1:03:53
Valery GergievLove for Three OrangesCD1998not rated1:41:54
Valery GergievSadkoCD1994not rated2:52:41
Valery GergievSemyon KotkoCD2000not rated2:16:48
Valery GergievThe Fiery AngelCD1993not rated1:59:00
Valery GergievThe GamblerCD1996not rated1:54:50
Valery GergievThe Legend of the Invisible City of KitezhCD1999not rated2:58:17
Valery GergievThe Maid of PskovCD1997not rated2:04:10
Valery GergievThe Tsar's BrideCD1999not rated2:28:30
Valery GergievWar and PeaceCD1991not rated3:51:07