Simon Rattle (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Simon RattleCanadian Carnival, Diversions op21, Scottish Ballade etcCDnot rated1:15:59
Simon RattleHarmonielehreCD1994not rated1:01:50
Simon RattleSymphonies Nos 2 & 3CD1991not rated1:13:45
Simon RattleSymphonies Nos 4 & 6CD1991not rated1:07:24
Simon RattleSymphonies Nos 5 & 7, Scene with Cranes, Night Ride and SunriseCD1991not rated1:13:17
Simon RattleSymphony No. 1 in e, The OceanidesCD1991not rated52:11
Simon RattleSymphony No. 10 - The Complete Works CD15CD1999not rated1:17:24
Simon RattleSymphony No. 3 (cont), Blumine - The Complete Works CD5CDnot rated1:10:23
Simon RattleSymphony No. 7 - The Complete Works CD10CD2010not rated1:17:12
Simon RattleWar RequiemCD1984not rated1:00:41