Emmylou Harris (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Emmylou HarrisAll I Intended to BeCD2008not rated55:30
Emmylou HarrisStumble Into GraceCD2003not rated45:16
Emmylou HarrisRed Dirt GirlCD2000not rated55:58
Emmylou HarrisWrecking BallCD1995not rated53:05
Emmylou HarrisCowgirl's PrayerCD1994not rated42:39
Emmylou HarrisRoses In The SnowCDR1980not rated30:34
Emmylou HarrisQuarter Moon In A Ten Cent TownCD1978not rated36:19
Emmylou HarrisLuxury Liner (Remastered + Expanded)CD1976not rated47:30
Emmylou HarrisPieces Of The SkyCD1975not rated43:17
Emmylou HarrisElite HotelCD1975not rated48:17