Bernard Haitink (25 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bernard HaitinkA London Sym, Fantasia on a Theme by T.TallisCD1987not rated1:05:51
Bernard HaitinkA Pastoral Sym + Sym No.4CD1998not rated1:12:00
Bernard HaitinkBallets CD1: Firebird, ApolloCDnot rated1:15:20
Bernard HaitinkBallets CD2: Petrouchka, Rite of SpringCDnot rated1:15:47
Bernard HaitinkDebussy Orchestral Music (CD 2)CDnot rated1:16:25
Bernard HaitinkOrchestral Music (CD 1)CDnot rated1:05:15
Bernard HaitinkPeter GrimesCD1992not rated2:24:41
Bernard HaitinkSinfonia Antarctica - No. 7CD1984not rated41:37
Bernard HaitinkSymphonic Poems IIICD1970not rated1:19:31
Bernard HaitinkSymphonic Poems IVCDnot rated1:08:50
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 1 & 3CD1980not rated1:04:29
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 11CD1983not rated1:01:27
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 13CD1984not rated1:04:30
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 2 & 10CD1980not rated1:16:00
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 4CD1989not rated1:07:41
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 5 & 9CD1981not rated1:16:07
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 6 & 12CD1993not rated1:14:25
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 7CD1979not rated1:19:23
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies 8 & 9CD2000not rated1:07:10
Bernard HaitinkSymphonies No. 6 - In the Fen Country - On Wenlock EdgeCD1984not rated1:08:39
Bernard HaitinkSymphony 14CD2005not rated1:12:04
Bernard HaitinkSymphony 8CD1983not rated1:01:55
Bernard HaitinkSymphony No. 3MP31966not rated1:34:27
Bernard HaitinkSymphony No. 4 in GCD1967not rated53:37
Bernard HaitinkSymphony No. 5, Norfolk Rhapsody, Lark AscendingCD1995not rated1:08:17