Andreas Staier (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Andreas StaierThe Classical Sonata- Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCDnot rated1:10:48
Andreas StaierSonata in G major BWV968MP31997not rated19:29
Andreas StaierSonata in D minor, BWV964MP31997not rated18:25
Andreas StaierSonata in C major BWV966MP31997not rated17:10
Andreas StaierSonata in A minor, BWV965MP31997not rated17:44
Andreas StaierFuge nach Reinken in B major BWV954aMP31997not rated3:41
Andreas StaierFantasia on a rondo in C minor BWV918MP31997not rated4:25
Andreas StaierDelight in Disorder - The English Consort of Two Parts 1640-1680CD1995not rated1:10:33