Alfred Deller (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Alfred DellerMusical Panorama of Shakespeare's EnglandCD1960not rated44:02
Alfred DellerMachaut Messe à Notre Dame +CD1960not rated1:06:40
Alfred DellerMadrigal MasterpiecesCD1959not rated50:08
Alfred DellerWelcome to All the Pleasures, Z. 339 (Ode on St Cecilia's Day, 1683)MP3not rated19:58
Alfred DellerThe Masque in DioclesianMP3not rated51:43
Alfred DellerSelectionMP3not rated21:58
Alfred DellerMy Beloved SpakeMP3not rated21:15
Alfred DellerKing Arthur II, FolksongsCDnot rated1:19:07
Alfred DellerKing Arthur ICDnot rated57:54
Alfred DellerDido and AeneasMP3not rated54:33
Alfred DellerDeller Christmas 4MP3not rated44:50
Alfred DellerDeller Christmas 3MP3not rated52:13
Alfred DellerDeller Christmas 2MP3not rated47:58
Alfred DellerDeller Christmas 1MP3not rated59:15
Alfred DellerCome Ye Sons of Art (Ode on the birthday of Queen Mary, 1694), Z. 323MP3not rated26:16