Adrian Boult (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Adrian BoultBrandenburg Concertos 1-4CD1972not rated1:00:43
Adrian BoultBrandenburg Concertos 5, 6; Symphony 41CDnot rated1:16:23
Adrian BoultGreensleeves Fantasia, The Lark Ascending, Serenade to Music, Tallis FantasiaCDnot rated1:11:30
Adrian BoultHaffner, Pastoral, CoriolanCDnot rated1:13:31
Adrian BoultParsifal Orchestral Extracts, Wolf Italian SerenadeCDnot rated59:57
Adrian BoultSchubert Ninth, Beethoven, Johann Strauss, SuppéCDnot rated1:13:21
Adrian BoultSerenades, Alto RhapsodyCDnot rated1:15:44
Adrian BoultSymphony 1, Haydn VariationsCDnot rated1:02:37
Adrian BoultSymphony 2, Academic Festival, Tragic OverturesCD1971not rated1:06:52
Adrian BoultSymphony 3 & 4CDnot rated1:16:22
Adrian BoultSymphony No. 1; Serenade for Strings; ChansonsCDnot rated1:09:03
Adrian BoultWagner OverturesCD1972not rated1:02:27
Adrian BoultWagner PreludesCD1972not rated1:17:53