John Renbourn
The Lady And The Unicorn / The Hermit

John Renbourn - The Lady And The Unicorn / The Hermit

  • Format: CD
  • Category: folk
  • Duration: 1:03:23
  • not rated
  • Added December 18, 2006


1. Trotto; Saltarellonot rated2:34
2. Lamento Di Tristan; La Rottanot rated2:56
3. Veri Floris; Triple Balladenot rated2:45
4. Bransle Gay; Bransle De Bourgognenot rated2:50
5. Alman; Melancholy Galliardnot rated4:40
6. Sarabandenot rated2:44
7. The Lady And The Unicornnot rated3:25
8. My Johnny Was A Shoemaker; Westeron Wynde; Scarborough Fairnot rated13:08
9. The Hermitnot rated3:20
10. Old Mac Bladgittnot rated3:59
11. Caroline's Tunenot rated3:21
12. Three Pieces By O'Carolan - The Lamentation Of Owen Roe O'Neill; Lord Inchiquin; Mrs Powernot rated5:07
13. The Princess And The Puddingsnot rated2:01
14. Pavanna (Anna Bannana)not rated3:40
15. Toy For Two Lutesnot rated1:30
16. Lord Willoughby's Welcome Homenot rated5:16

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