Various artists
The Very Best of English Song 2

Various artists - The Very Best of English Song 2

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Vocal/English Song
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:19:23
  • not rated
  • Added December 14, 2006
  • Played December 18, 2009


1. Alfred Deller, Traditional - Greensleevesnot rated2:10
2. Alfred Deller, Morley - It was a lover and his lassnot rated3:10
3. Alfred Deller, Morley - O mistress minenot rated1:39
4. Alfred Deller, Anon. - The Willow Songnot rated4:16
5. Alfred Deller, Johnson, Robert - Where the bee sucksnot rated1:14
6. Alfred Deller, Johnson, Robert - Full fathom fivenot rated2:12
7. Michael Chance, Byrd - Lullaby, my sweet little babynot rated5:59
8. Michael Chance, Byrd - Elegy on the death of Thomas Tallis: Ye sacred musesnot rated4:08
9. Emma Kirkby, Dowland - Sorrow, stay! (Second Book of Songs)not rated3:04
10. Emma Kirkby, Dowland - Can she excuse my wrongs? (First Book of Songs)not rated2:31
11. Emma Kirkby, Dowland - Awake, sweet love (First Book of Songs)not rated2:48
12. Emma Kirkby, Dowland - Woeful heart (Second Book of Songs)not rated2:51
13. Charles Daniels, Dowland - Shall I sue? (Second Book of Songs)not rated2:36
14. Charles Daniels, Dowland - Me, me and none but me (Third and Last Book of Songsnot rated2:11
15. Charles Daniels, Dowland - Flow, my tears (Second Book of Songs)not rated3:51
16. Nancy Argenta, Purcell - Fairest Islenot rated2:36
17. Nancy Argenta, Purcell - Music for a whilenot rated3:55
18. Nancy Argenta, Purcell - I attempt from love's sicknessnot rated2:02
19. Nancy Argenta, Purcell - If music be the food of lovenot rated2:05
20. Nancy Argenta, Purcell - An Evening Hymn: Now that the sun hath veiled his lightnot rated5:27
21. Owen Brannigan, Warlock - Yarmouth Fairnot rated1:40
22. Owen Brannigan, Mortimer, Charles G - The Smuggler's Songnot rated3:37
23. Ian Wallace, Sydney Carter - Down Belownot rated2:44
24. Ian Wallace, Flanders, Michael - A Transport of Delightnot rated2:36
25. Ian Wallace, Flanders, Michael - The Wart Hognot rated3:48
26. Michael Flanders, Flanders, Michael - The Hippopotamus Songnot rated4:02

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