Handel, Paul McCreesh

Paul McCreesh - Messiah

  • Release date: 1997
  • Genre: Vocal/Choral
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 2:12:19
  • not rated
  • Added December 20, 2006


1. Part I: Sinfonynot rated3:22
2. Part I: Recitative: Confort ye, confort ye my Peoplenot rated3:35
3. Part I: Song: Ev'ry Valley shall be exaltednot rated3:03
4. Part I: Chorus: And the Glory of the Lord shall be revealednot rated2:50
5. Part I: Recitative: Thus saith the Lord of Hostsnot rated1:19
6. Part I: Song: But who may abide the Day of his Comingnot rated3:50
7. Part I: Chorus: And He shall purify the Sons of Levinot rated2:22
8. Part I: Recitative: Behold, a Virgin shall conceivenot rated0:26
9. Part I: Song & Chorus: O thou that tellest good Tidings to Zionnot rated4:47
10. Part I: Recitative: For behold, Darkness shall cover the Earthnot rated2:13
11. Part I: Song: The People that walked in Darknessnot rated3:58
12. Part I: Chorus:For unto us a Child is bornnot rated3:36
13. Part I: Pifanot rated0:38
14. Part I: Recitative: There were Shepherds abiding in the Fieldnot rated1:02
15. Part I: Chorus: Glory to God in the Highestnot rated1:41
16. Part I: Song: Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Sionnot rated3:46
17. Part I: Recitative: Then shall the Eyes of the Blind be open'dnot rated0:20
18. Part I: Song: He shall feed his Flocknot rated4:17
19. Part I: Chorus: His Yoke is easy, his Burthen is lightnot rated2:08
20. Part II: Chorus: Behold the Lamb of Godnot rated3:09
21. Part II: Song: He was despisednot rated12:11
22. Part II: Chrus: Surely he hath borne our Griefsnot rated1:38
23. Part II: Chorus: And with His Stripes we are healednot rated1:43
24. Part II: Chorus: All we, like Sheep, have gone astraynot rated3:20
25. Part II: Recitative: All they that see him laugh him to scornnot rated0:39
26. Part II: Chorus: He trusted in Godnot rated2:03
27. Part II: Recitative: Thy Rebuke hath broken his Heartnot rated2:03
28. Part II: Song: Behold, and see, if there be any Sorrownot rated1:30
29. Part II: Recitative: He was cut off out of the Landnot rated0:14
30. Part II: Song: But Thou didst not leave his Soul in Hellnot rated2:03
1. Part II - 03 - Chorus: Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gatesnot rated2:46
2. Part II - 04 - Recitative: Unto Which of the Angels Said He at Any Timenot rated0:15
3. Part II - 04 -Chorus: Let All the Angels of God Worship Himnot rated1:21
4. Part II - 05 - Song: Thou Art Gone Up On Highnot rated2:46
5. Part II - 05 - Chorus: The Lord Gave the Wordnot rated1:05
6. Part II - 05 - Song: How Beautiful Are the Feetnot rated2:00
7. Part II - 05 - Chorus: Their Sound Is Gone Out into All Landsnot rated1:17
8. Part II - 06 - Song: Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage Togethernot rated1:14
9. Part II - 06 - Chorus: Let Us Break Their Bonds Asundernot rated1:37
10. Part II - 07 - Recitative: He That Dwelleth in Heaven; Song: Thou Shalt Break Them with a Rod Of Ironnot rated2:06
11. Part II - 07 - Chorus: Hallelujah!not rated3:43
12. Part III - 01 - Song: I Know that My Redeemer Livethnot rated6:23
13. Part III - 01 - Chorus: Since By Man Came Deathnot rated2:03
14. Part III - 02 - Recitative: Behold, I Tell You a Mysterynot rated0:32
15. Part III - 02 - Song: The Trumpet Shall Soundnot rated8:18
16. Part III - 03 - Recitative: Then Shall Be Brought to Passnot rated0:14
17. Part III - 03 - Duet: O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?not rated0:53
18. Part III - 03 - Chorus: But Thanks Be to Godnot rated1:56
19. Part III - 03 - Song: If God Is For Usnot rated4:13
20. Part III - 04 - Chorus: Worthy Is the Lamb that Was Slain - Amennot rated7:34

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