Somervell, Roderick Williams
Sir Arthur Sullivan - Maud, A

Roderick Williams - Sir Arthur Sullivan - Maud, A

  • Release date: 2020
  • Genre: English Song
  • Format: MP3
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:02:04
  • not rated
  • Added January 31


1. Maud I - I hate the dreadful hollownot rated1:44
2. Maud II - A voice by the cedar treenot rated3:59
3. Maud III - She came to the village churchnot rated1:12
4. Maud IV - O let the solid groundnot rated1:08
5. Maud V - Birds in the high Hall gardennot rated2:40
6. Maud VI - Maud has a gardennot rated1:43
7. Maud VII - Go not, happy daynot rated1:35
8. Maud VIII - I have led her homenot rated2:35
9. Maud IX - Come into the garden, Maudnot rated3:28
10. Maud X - The fault was minenot rated3:40
11. Maud XI - Dead, long deadnot rated4:08
12. Maud XII - O that 'twere possiblenot rated1:45
13. Maud XIII - My life has crept so longnot rated5:12
14. A Kingdom by the Seanot rated3:36
15. A Shropshire Lad I - Loveliest of Treesnot rated1:52
16. A Shropshire Lad II - When I was one-and-twentynot rated1:09
17. A Shropshire Lad III - There pass the careless peoplenot rated1:25
18. A Shropshire Lad IV - In summertime on Bredonnot rated3:11
19. A Shropshire Lad V - The street sounds to the soldiers' treadnot rated2:00
20. A Shropshire Lad VI - On the idle hill of summernot rated2:25
21. A Shropshire Lad VII - White in the moon the long road liesnot rated2:55
22. A Shropshire Lad VIII - Think no more, lad, laugh, be jollynot rated1:45
23. A Shropshire Lad IX - Into my heart an air that killsnot rated1:37
24. A Shropshire Lad X - The lads in their hundredsnot rated2:45
25. Shepherd's Cradle Songnot rated2:35

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