Peter Pears
A Treasury Of English Song CD2

Peter Pears - A Treasury Of English Song CD2

  • Genre: Vocal/English Song
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 59:58
  • not rated
  • Added June 23, 2014


1. Britten - The Salley Gardens (Down By The Salley Gardens My Love And I Did Meet)not rated2:48
2. Britten - Little Sir William (Easter Day Was A Holiday)not rated2:42
3. Britten - The Miller Of Dee (There Was A Jolly Miller Once Lived On The RIver Dee)not rated1:44
4. Britten - Sweet Polly Oliver (As Sweet Polly Oliver Lay Musing In Bed)not rated2:36
5. Britten - The Bonny Earl O' Moray (Ye Hielands And Ye Lowlands)not rated2:33
6. Britten - The Ash Grove (Down Yonder Green Valley)not rated2:45
7. Britten - A Brisk Young Widow (In Chester Town There Lived A Brisk Young Widow)not rated2:08
8. Britten - There's None To Soothe (There's None To Soothe My Soul To Rest)not rated1:56
9. Britten - Oliver Cromwell (Oliver Cromwell Lay Buried And Dead)not rated0:50
10. Bridge - Go Not, Happy Daynot rated1:22
11. Butterworth - Six Songs from "A Shropshire Lad" - VI. Is my team ploughing?not rated3:47
12. Ireland - I Have Twelve Oxennot rated1:46
13. Moeran - In Youth Is Pleasurenot rated2:25
14. Warlock - Yarmouth Fairnot rated1:38
15. Holst - Persephone - Humbert Wolfe Songsnot rated1:08
16. Berkeley, Lennox - How Love Came Innot rated1:18
17. Britten - On This Island Op. 11not rated3:41
18. Oldham, Arthur - Fishing - Three Chinese Lyrics 1not rated1:17
19. Oldham, Arthur - Herd Boy's Song - Three Chinese Lyrics 2not rated0:44
20. Oldham, Arthur - Pedlar Of Spells - Three Chinese Lyrics 3not rated0:58
21. Bridge - Love Went A-Ridingnot rated1:45
22. Peter Pears & Joan Dickson, Bennett, Richard Rodney - Tom O'Beldam's Songnot rated9:33
23. Rainier, Priaulx - Wee Cannot Bid The Fruits - Cycle for Declamation 1not rated2:10
24. Rainier, Priaulx - In The Wombe Of The Earth - Cycle for Declamation 2not rated1:52
25. Rainier, Priaulx - Nunc, Lento sonitu - Cycle for Declamation 3not rated4:17

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