Lauritz Melchior
Danish Songs (CD9)

Lauritz Melchior - Danish Songs (CD9)

  • Genre: Vocal
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:12:41
  • not rated
  • Added June 19, 2013


1. Lauritz Melchior & Johan Hye-Knudsen, Rygaard, Georg - Danmark (Denmark)not rated2:58
2. Lauritz Melchior & Johan Hye-Knudsen, Rygaard, Georg - Flaget (The Flag)not rated2:42
3. Lauritz Melchior & Johan Hye-Knudsen, Krøyer, Hans Ernst - Der er et yndigt Land (There is a lovely land)not rated2:54
4. Lauritz Melchior & Johan Hye-Knudsen, Hornemann, Emil - Kongernes Konge (Thou King of Kings)not rated2:43
5. a) Foraarssang (Spring Song) - b) Dengang jeg var kun saa stor som saa (When that I was a little tiny boy)not rated3:06
6. Skovensomhed (Woodland Stillness)not rated3:35
7. I Wurzburg ringe de Klokker (In Old Wurzburg the Bells are Ringing)not rated1:56
8. Hvor Nilen vander Aegyptens Jord (Where the Nile Waters the Egyptian Earth)not rated3:21
9. Da Freden drog over Lande (Peace came to the country)not rated2:35
10. Lover den Herre, den maegtige Konge (Praise the Lord, the mighty King)not rated3:12
11. Den signede Dag (The Blessed Day)not rated3:16
12. Velkommen igen, Guds engle sma (Welcome again, God's little angels)not rated3:05
13. Mod mig i nat i dromme (Meet me tonight in Dreamland)not rated2:59
14. Somandsliv (A Sailor's Farewell)not rated2:52
15. Fager er den blide var (Fair is the gentle spring)not rated2:14
16. Ornen lofter med staerke slagnot rated2:24
17. Nattens daemrende tagernot rated3:39
18. Kongeas bolger (Waves of Kongea, what do you tell?)not rated3:04
19. Elskede min, fra den unge varnot rated2:56
20. Christiansborgnot rated2:53
21. Behüt dich Gott! Es war‘ so scöon gewesen (dänisch gesungen)not rated3:27
22. Flyv, Fugl, flyv (Fly, bird, fly)not rated3:53
23. Serenadenot rated4:08
24. Helan gar (Trad. Swedish Drinking Song)not rated2:40

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