Byrd, Davitt Moroney
The Keyboard Music of William Byrd CD5

Davitt Moroney - The Keyboard Music of William Byrd CD5

  • Release date: 1999
  • Genre: Harpsichord Solo
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:16:57
  • not rated
  • Added April 7, 2010


1. O Mistris myne, I must, BK38 (harpsichord RvN)not rated6:22
2. La Volta, BK91 (harpsichord HB)not rated1:26
3. Quadran Paven, BK70a (harpsichord RvN)not rated8:47
4. Quadran Galliard, BK70b (harpsichord RvN)not rated4:36
5. A Grounde, BK9 [second version]not rated4:19
6. If my complaints, or Pyper's Galliard, BK118 [EKM26] (harpsichord HB)not rated2:28
7. The Queenes Alman, BK10 (muselar)not rated3:02
8. A Pavion, BK23a (muselar)not rated4:42
9. The Galliard, BK23b (muselar)not rated1:46
10. Pavana Bray, BK59a (harpsichord RvN)not rated4:42
11. Galiarda, BK59b (harpsichord RvN)not rated1:34
12. La Volta L. Morley, BK90 (harpsichord HB)not rated1:31
13. Pavana, BK4a (muselar)not rated2:18
14. Galiarda, BK4b (muselar)not rated1:49
15. Gypseis Round, BK80 (harpsichord RvN)not rated4:45
16. Pavana, BK52a (harpsichord RvN)not rated5:05
17. Galiarda, BK52b (harpsichord RvN)not rated1:48
18. Galliard, BK53 (harpsichord HB)not rated1:46
19. An Almane, BK89 (muselar)not rated1:22
20. Pavin, BK76 (muselar)not rated3:09
21. A Galliard, BK77 (muselar)not rated1:05
22. An Alman, BK117 [EKM 30] (harpsichord HB)not rated2:12
23. A Galliarde Gygge, BK18 (harpsichord HB)not rated2:05
24. Paven, BK73a (muselar)not rated2:34
25. Galiard, BK73b (muselar)not rated1:30

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