Byrd, Davitt Moroney
The Keyboard Music of William Byrd CD2

Davitt Moroney - The Keyboard Music of William Byrd CD2

  • Release date: 1999
  • Genre: Harpsichord Solo
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:15:30
  • not rated
  • Added April 7, 2010


1. Pavin Johnson's Delighte, BK5a (harpsichord RvN, lute stop)not rated5:18
2. The Galliard, BK5b (harpsichord RvN, lute stop)not rated1:49
3. Preludium, BK24 (harpsichord RvN)not rated1:06
4. Galiardo Mistris Marye Brownlo, BK34 (harpsichord RvN)not rated3:13
5. Parludam, BK115 [EKM3] (muselar)not rated1:08
6. Pavana "Ph. Tr.", BK60a (muselar)not rated5:02
7. ... Galiarda, BK60b (muselar)not rated1:50
8. Alman, BK11 (harpsichord HB)not rated1:24
9. A Pavin, BK33a (harpsichord HB)not rated4:51
10. ... Galliard, BK33b (harpsichord HB)not rated1:55
11. Have with yow to Walsingame, BK8 (harpsichord RvN)not rated9:25
12. Pavana Lachrymae, BK54 (muselar)not rated6:00
13. Harding's Galliard, BK55 (muselar)not rated2:59
14. The Barley Break, BK92 (harpsichord RvN)not rated8:22
15. Pavana The Earle of Salisbury, BK15a (muselar)not rated1:43
16. ... Galiardo, BK15b (muselar)not rated1:10
17. ... Galiardo Secundo, BK15c (muselar)not rated2:11
18. Eccho paven, BK114a (harpsichord RvN)not rated4:17
19. ... The Galliard, BK114b (harpsichord RvN)not rated2:01
20. Wilson's Wilde, BK37 (harpsichord HB)not rated1:25
21. A Gigg, "F.Tr.", BK22 (muselar)not rated1:08
22. A Preludium, BK116 [EKM 4] (harpsichord HB)not rated1:31
23. Jhon come kisse me now, BK81 (harpsichord RvN)not rated5:32

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