Handel, William Christie

William Christie - Messiah

  • Release date: 1993
  • Genre: Vocal/Choral
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 2:22:47
  • not rated
  • Added October 8, 2009


1. Part I: Sinfonianot rated2:59
2. Mark Padmore - Part I: Recitative (Tenor). Comfort Ye, My People, Saith Your Godnot rated3:11
3. Mark Padmore - Part I: Every Valley Shall Be Exaltednot rated3:20
4. Part I: Chorus. And The Glory Of The Lord Shall Be Revealednot rated2:42
5. Nathan Berg; - Part I: Thus Saith The Lord Of Hostsnot rated1:40
6. Andreas Scholl - Part I: Air (Alto). But Who May Abide The Day Of His Coming?not rated4:38
7. Part I: Chorus. And He Shall Purify The Sons Of Levinot rated2:17
8. Andreas Scholl - Part I: Recitative - Air (Alto) - Chorus. Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive - O Thou That Tellst Good Tidings To Zion - O not rated6:01
9. Nathan Berg - Part I. Recitative - Air (Bass). For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Earth - The People That Walked In Darknessnot rated5:46
10. Part I: Chorus. For Unto Us A Child Is Bornnot rated3:45
11. Part I: Pastoral Symphony. (Pifa)not rated2:55
12. Tommy Williams - Part I: Recitative (Treble) - Chorus. There Were Shepherds Abiding In The Field - And Lo, The Angel Of The Lord Came Uponot rated3:26
13. Sandrine Piau - Part I: Air (Soprano II). Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zionnot rated4:28
14. Barbara Schlick & Andreas Scholl - Part I: Recitative (Soprano I) - Air (Alto, Soprano I). Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind Be Opened - He Shall Feed His Fnot rated6:04
15. Part I: Chorus. His Yoke Is Easy, And His Burthen Is Lightnot rated2:33
16. Part II: Chorus. Behold The Lamb Of Godnot rated2:26
17. Andreas Scholl - Part II: Air (Alto). He Was Despised And Rejected Of Mennot rated11:11
18. Part II: Chorus. Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs - All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astraynot rated7:29
1. Mark Padmore - 2-19 Recitative (Tenor), Chorus: All they that see Him laugh Him to scornnot rated2:55
2. Barbara Schlick & Andreas Scholl - 2-20 Recitative (Tenor), Air (Tenor), Recitative (Soprano): Thy rebuke hath broken His heartnot rated3:39
3. Barbara Schlick - 2-21 Air (Soprano): Thou didst not leave His soul in hellnot rated2:48
4. 2-22 Chorus: Lift up your heads, O ye gatesnot rated2:45
5. Mark Padmore - 2-23 Recitative (Tenor), Chorus: Unto which of the angels He at any timenot rated1:41
6. Sandrine Piau - 2-24 Air (Soprano): Thou art gone up on highnot rated3:07
7. 2-25 Chorus: The Lord gave the worldnot rated1:19
8. Barbara Schlick - 2-26 Air (Soprano): How beautiful are the feet of themnot rated2:37
9. 2-27 Chorus: Their sound is gone out into all landsnot rated1:17
10. Nathan Berg - 2-28 Air (Bass): Why do the nations so furiously rage togethernot rated2:40
11. 2-29 Chorus: Let us break their bonds asundernot rated1:46
12. Mark Padmore - 2-30 Recitative (Tenor), Air (Tenor): He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh them to scornnot rated2:17
13. 2-31 Chorus: Hallelujah!not rated3:34
14. Barbara Schlick - 3-32 Air (Soprano): I know that my redeemer livethnot rated6:14
15. 3-33 Chorus: Since by man came deathnot rated2:15
16. Nathan Berg - 3-34 Recitative (Bass), Air (Bass): Behold, I tell you a mysterynot rated9:19
17. Andreas Scholl & Mark Padmore - 3-35 Recitative (Alto), Duet (Alto & Tenor), Chorus: Then shall be brought to pass the saying that is writtennot rated3:35
18. Sandrine Piau - 3-36 Air (Soprano): If God be for us, who can be against us?not rated4:54
19. 3-37 Chorus: Worthy is the Lamb that was slainnot rated3:29
20. 3-38 Chorus: Amennot rated3:27

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