Mussorgsky, Boris Christoff
Complete Songs CD1

Boris Christoff - Complete Songs CD1

  • Release date: 1951
  • Genre: Vocal/Russian Song
  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 57:14
  • not rated
  • Added May 28, 2009


1. Where Are You, Little Star? (Gde Ty, Zvyozdochka?)not rated4:29
2. The Hour Of Jollity (Vesyoly Chas) [The joyous hour]not rated2:01
3. Tell me why, o maidnot rated2:35
4. The leaves were sadly rustlingnot rated3:40
5. I Have Many Palaces And Gardens [I am rich in palaces]not rated2:59
6. For you, the words of lovenot rated1:55
7. King Saulnot rated3:08
8. Song of the old mannot rated2:55
9. We parted proudlynot rated3:13
10. The winds are howlingnot rated4:27
11. Nightnot rated3:10
12. Calistratusnot rated4:40
13. Balearic songnot rated3:19
14. Prayer (Molitva)not rated3:12
15. The Outcast (Otverzhennaya)not rated2:54
16. Lullaby - Sleep, son of peasantsnot rated5:42
17. Dear One, Why Are Your Eyes Sometimes So Cold? (Malyutka) [Mignonne]not rated2:47

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