Various artists (73 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artistsA Childhood RememberedCD1991***1:02:25
Various artistsA Time For Heroes12" vinyl1987** 1/29:02
Various artistsAlmost Famous2 LP set2000*** 1/21:31:31
Various artistsAlmost FamousCD2000*** 1/21:10:56
Various artistsAmerican Made World Played - Les Paul & FriendsCD2005*** 1/21:05:16
Various artistsAncient SpiritCD2000***49:14
Various artistsAudiophile SeriesLP1979*** 1/244:35
Various artistsAutumn Leaves / Maiden VoyageLP4/1984**** 1/224:52
Various artistsBBC TV's Old Grey Whistle TestLP1975***42:57
Various artistsCeltic SongCD2000****43:50
Various artistsCeltic SpiritCD1996****47:05
Various artistsCeltic Treasure - The Legacy Of Turlough O'CarolanCD1996*** 1/253:18
Various artistsCeltic Treasure II - The Living Legacy Of Turlough O'CarolanCD9/2/1998*** 1/254:39
Various artistsCeltic Twilight 3 - LullabiesCD1996*** 1/256:19
Various artistsCeltic Voices: Women Of SongCD1995**** 1/255:32
Various artistsCeltic WomanCD1996****1:07:24
Various artistsCeltic Woman 2CD1999****1:05:12
Various artistsCeltic Woman 3CD10/9/2007****49:05
Various artistsCeltic Woman 4CD2/2/2010*** 1/246:15
Various artistsCity Of AngelsCD1998*** 1/21:12:15
Various artistsCity Of AnglesCD1998*** 1/219:08
Various artistsConcerts For The People Of Kampuchea2 LP set1981*** 1/21:17:54
Various artistsConfessin' The Blues (Limited Edition)Special set11/9/2018****
Various artistsConfessin' The Blues (Volume 1)2 LP set11/9/2018****
Various artistsConfessin' The Blues (Volume 2)2 LP set11/9/2018****
Various artistsDance Of The CeltsCD1997*** 1/254:15
Various artistsDe-Lovely - Music From The Motion PictureCD2004****1:00:11
Various artistsElektra Asylum September Release2 LP set9/1973***1:12:55
Various artistsEuro! Fnac MusicCD2001**56:30
Various artistsFaces Of The Harp - Celtic And ContemporaryCD1997****56:05
Various artistsFaire Celts: A Woman's VoiceCD2000****54:32
Various artistsForrest Gump - The Soundtrack2 LP set3/7/2016*** 1/21:48:00
Various artistsForrest Gump - The Soundtrack3 LP set2015*** 1/21:47:58
Various artistsForrest Gump - The Soundtrack2 CD set1994*** 1/21:48:03
Various artistsGregorian ChantCD2005****1:16:54
Various artistsGuitar FingerstyleCD1996****57:56
Various artistsGuitar WorksCD1992****50:20
Various artistsHeart Of The Celts - Songs Of LoveCD1997*** 1/21:02:20
Various artistsIn From The Storm - Promotion Sampler5" CD single1995**** 1/215:47
Various artistsLady Jazz2 CD set2011***2:32:53
Various artistsLaser Test - GuitareCD1991***1:16:35
Various artistsNarada Collection 3CD1991***1:17:19
Various artistsNarada Mystique - Sampler OneCD1989*** 1/250:44
Various artistsNarada Sampler7" vinyl1986****15:07
Various artistsNarada Sampler7" vinyl1986****15:07
Various artistsNarada Sampler #1LP1985**** 1/247:12
Various artistsParty At The Palace - The Queen's Concerts, Buckingham PalaceCD2002*** 1/21:18:05
Various artistsPassion SourcesCD1989***43:02
Various artistsPiano SolosCD1992****1:04:12
Various artistsPlus From UsCD1993*** 1/21:12:07
Various artistsReferenceCD1983***56:49
Various artistsRemember How Great...?LP1960***
Various artistsRomance - Music For PianoCD1994*** 1/21:04:55
Various artistsSaturday Night FeverCD1977***1:16:21
Various artistsSimon & Garfunkel2 LP set1979**** 1/21:22:36
Various artistsThe GatheringCD1997***1:06:18
Various artistsThe Lord of the Rings TrilogySpecial set11/30/2018***
Various artistsThe Marquee: 30 Legendary Years2 LP set1989****1:53:19
Various artistsThe Narada CollectionCD1988***1:09:51
Various artistsThe Narada Collection TwoCD1989***1:16:01
Various artistsThe Narada Wilderness CollectionCD1990****1:14:22
Various artistsThe Very Best Of Free And Bad Co Featuring Paul RodgersCD2010****1:04:50
Various artistsThe Voyager Golden Record3 LP set8/20/2017***1:51:21
Various artistsThe Voyager Golden Record2 CD set8/20/2017***1:51:17
Various artistsTime2 LP set1986***1:41:26
Various artistsUm S├ęculo MusicalCD box set1999** 1/24:00:43
Various artistsVariosLP1991*** 1/231:35
Various artistsVoices From Ancient Abbeys2 CD set10/2016****2:18:42
Various artistsWind And ReedCD1993*** 1/250:14
Various artistsZabouLP1987***57:54
Various artistsZabriskie Point2 CD set1970*** 1/21:31:17
Various artistsZabriskie Point3 LP set1970*** 1/21:31:07
Various artistsZabriskie PointLP1970*** 1/235:42