Oasis (46 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Oasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory?2 LP set10/2/1995****53:52
Oasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory?CD11/15/2006****50:06
Oasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory?CD10/2/1995****50:06
Oasis(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (Super Deluxe Box Set)Special set9/29/2014**** 1/26:38:00
OasisBe Here NowCD11/15/2006****1:11:37
OasisBe Here NowCD8/21/1997****1:11:36
OasisBe Here Now2 LP set8/21/1997**** 1/21:11:36
OasisDefinitely Maybe2 LP set9/8/1994**** 1/256:20
OasisDefinitely MaybeCD9/8/1994****1:01:46
OasisDefinitely MaybeCD11/15/2006****1:01:46
OasisDefinitely Maybe (25th Anniversary Edition Silver Vinyl)Special set8/30/2019**** 1/256:20
OasisDefinitely Maybe (Remastered Deluxe Edition)Special set5/2014**** 1/24:20:25
OasisDefinitely Maybe (Super Deluxe Box Set)Special set5/2014**** 1/27:54:29
OasisDig Out Your Soul2 LP set10/6/2008*****45:47
OasisDig Out Your SoulSpecial set10/6/2008*****45:54
OasisDig Out Your Soul2 LP set10/6/2008*****45:47
OasisDig Out Your SoulCD10/1/2008****53:45
OasisDig Out Your SoulSpecial set10/6/2008*****2:53:44
OasisDon't Believe The Truth2 CD set5/25/2005****42:59
OasisDon't Believe The TruthLP5/25/2005**** 1/242:52
OasisDon't Believe The TruthCD11/15/2006****49:23
OasisFamiliar To MillionsCD2000****1:12:51
OasisFamiliar To Millions2 CD set11/15/2000****1:37:54
OasisFamiliar To Millions2 CD set11/13/2000****1:37:54
OasisFamiliar To Millions3 LP set11/13/2000**** 1/21:37:46
OasisHeathen ChemistryCD11/15/2006****1:17:36
OasisHeathen ChemistryCD6/26/2002****1:16:50
OasisHeathen Chemistry2 LP set6/26/2002****43:14
OasisLyla5" CD single2005**** 1/210:48
OasisLyla12" vinyl2005****5:10
OasisOasisCD single box set1995****3:06:16
OasisOasisLP box set7/2009****7:08:15
OasisStanding On The Shoulder Of GiantsCD11/15/2006****51:52
OasisStanding On The Shoulder Of GiantsLP2/23/2000****47:51
OasisStanding On The Shoulder Of GiantsSpecial set2/23/2000****56:28
OasisStop The Clocks3 LP set11/20/2006****1:26:27
OasisStop The Clocks2 CD set11/20/2006****1:26:28
OasisStop The Clocks (Special Edition)Special set2006****2:16:28
OasisStop The Clocks EP7" vinyl2006****19:43
OasisThe MasterplanCD1998****1:06:28
OasisThe MasterplanSpecial set1998**** 1/21:06:28
OasisThe Masterplan2 LP set1998**** 1/21:06:22
OasisTime Flies... 1994-2009Special set6/14/2010****2:15:58
OasisTime Flies... 1994-20092 CD set9/9/2010**** 1/22:20:48
OasisTime Flies... 1994-2009LP box set6/14/2010**** 1/22:15:44
OasisiTunes Live: London Festival '09 - EPM4A7/31/2009****25:54


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