David Gilmour (24 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
David GilmourAbout FaceCD3/5/1984**** 1/245:53
David GilmourArnold Layne10" vinyl2006**** 1/29:33
David GilmourArnold Layne5" CD single7/4/2007****9:17
David GilmourLive At Pompeii4 LP set9/29/2017*****2:29:10
David GilmourLive At PompeiiSpecial set9/29/2017*****2:28:33
David GilmourLive In GdanskLP box set9/20/2008*****3:06:36
David GilmourLive In GdanskCD box set9/20/2008**** 1/23:46:18
David GilmourLive Selections From On An Island5" CD single2006**** 1/216:25
David GilmourOn An IslandCD11/27/2006**** 1/249:19
David GilmourOn An IslandCD3/7/2006**** 1/251:44
David GilmourOn An Island2 CD set11/27/2006**** 1/249:19
David GilmourOn An Island2 CD set3/7/2006**** 1/258:17
David GilmourOn An IslandLP3/7/2006**** 1/251:44
David GilmourOn An Island5" CD single3/6/2006**** 1/211:31
David GilmourRattle That Lock5" CD single8/28/2015*****3:59
David GilmourRattle That LockCD9/23/2015**** 1/251:25
David GilmourRattle That LockLP9/23/2015**** 1/251:25
David GilmourRattle That Lock (Deluxe Set)Special set9/23/2015*****51:25
David GilmourSmile5" CD single2006*****3:49
David GilmourSmile7" vinyl2006*****10:36
David GilmourSmile (Demo)M4A6/5/2006*****4:06
David GilmourSmile (Edit)M4A5/22/2006*****3:48
David GilmourToday5" CD single2015*****4:00
David GilmourWish You Were Here (Live At the Royal Albert Hall) - EPM4A9/3/2007*****11:14