Fresh Cream

Cream - Fresh Cream

  • Release date: 1/27/2017
  • Genre: Blues
  • Format: Special set
  • Category: blues
  • Duration: 5:20:47
  • *** 1/2
  • Added March 14
  • Rated March 14


1. N.S.U. [Mono]not rated2:44
2. Sleepy Time Time [Mono]not rated4:20
3. Dreaming [Mono]not rated2:00
4. Sweet Wine [Mono]not rated3:19
5. Spoonful [Mono]not rated6:33
6. Cat's Squirrel [Mono]not rated3:01
7. Four Until Late [Mono]not rated2:09
8. Rollin' And Tumblin' [Mono]not rated4:46
9. I'm So Glad [Mono]not rated3:59
10. Toad [Mono]not rated5:14
11. The Coffee Song [Session Recording - Mono]not rated2:56
12. Wrapping Paper [Single A-Side]not rated2:29
13. Cat's Squirrel [Single B-Side]not rated3:01
14. I Feel Free [Single A-Side]not rated2:49
15. N.S.U. [Single B-Side]not rated2:45
16. Spoonful Part I [Single A-Side]not rated2:26
17. Spoonful Part II [Single B-Side]not rated2:31
18. Wrapping Paper [Alternate Mix]not rated2:25
19. Sweet Wine [Alternate Mix]not rated3:18
20. I'm So Gladnot rated3:57
21. Cat's Squirrel [Alternate Master]not rated3:01
22. I Feel Free [Alternate Mix]not rated2:48
23. Rollin' And Tumblin' [Alternate Master]not rated1:50
24. N.S.U.not rated2:44
25. Four Until Latenot rated2:06
1. N.S.U.not rated2:45
2. Sleepy Time Timenot rated4:23
3. Dreamingnot rated2:01
4. Sweet Winenot rated3:20
5. Spoonfulnot rated6:31
6. Cat's Squirrelnot rated3:08
7. Four Until Latenot rated2:08
8. Rollin' And Tumblin'not rated4:43
9. I'm So Gladnot rated3:59
10. Toadnot rated5:12
11. I Feel Free [Session Recordings - Stereo]not rated2:52
12. Wrapping Paper [Session Recordings - Stereo]not rated2:25
13. The Coffee Song [Session Recordings - Stereo]not rated2:48
14. I'm So Glad [New Stereo Mix]not rated3:59
15. N.S.U. [New Stereo Mix]not rated2:48
16. Wrapping Paper [New Stereo Mix]not rated2:43
17. The Coffee Song [New Stereo Mix]not rated3:06
18. Rollin' And Tumblin' [First Version - New Stereo Mix]not rated4:53
19. Spoonful [First Version - New Stereo Mix]not rated5:57
20. Toad [New Stereo Mix]not rated5:12
1. The Coffee Song [Early Version]not rated2:54
2. You Make Me Feel [Session Outtake]not rated2:41
3. Beauty Queen [Session Outtake]not rated2:38
4. Wrapping Paper [Early Version]not rated1:05
5. Cat's Squirrel [Early Version]not rated2:27
6. I Feel Free [Early Version]not rated3:08
7. I Feel Free [Mono Mix With No Lead Vocal]not rated2:52
8. I Feel Free [Alternate Mono Mix]not rated2:50
9. Sweet Wine [Early Version]not rated3:07
10. Rollin' And Tumblin' [Early Version]not rated4:35
11. Toad [Early Version]not rated4:19
12. Sweet Wine [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated3:28
13. Eric Clapton Interview [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated0:54
14. Wrapping Paper [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated2:31
15. Rollin' And Tumblin' [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated3:04
16. Sleepy Time Time [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated3:16
17. Steppin' Out [BBC Session 11/8/66]not rated1:50
18. Crossroads [BBC Session 11/28/66]not rated1:55
19. Steppin' Out [BBC Session 11/28/66]not rated2:34
20. Cat's Squirrel [BBC Session 12/9/66]not rated3:43
21. Traintime [BBC Session 12/9/66]not rated2:56
22. I'm So Glad [BBC Session 12/9/66]not rated4:24
23. Lawdy Mama [BBC Session 12/9/66]not rated1:54
24. Eric Clapton Interview #2 [BBC Session 1/10/67]not rated0:48
25. I Feel Free [BBC Session 1/10/67]not rated2:55
26. N.S.U. [BBC Session 1/10/67]not rated2:57
27. Four Until Late [BBC Session 1/10/67]not rated1:54
1. I Feel Free (stereo mix)not rated2:52
2. N.S.U. (stereo mix)not rated2:45
3. Sleepy Time Time (stereo mix)not rated4:23
4. Dreaming (stereo mix)not rated2:01
5. Sweet Wine (stereo mix)not rated3:20
6. Cat's Squirrel (stereo mix)not rated3:08
7. Four Until Late (stereo mix)not rated2:08
8. Rollin' And Tumblin' (stereo mix)not rated4:43
9. I'm So Glad (stereo mix)not rated3:59
10. Toad (stereo mix)not rated5:12
11. Spoonful (stereo mix)not rated6:31
12. Wrapping Paper (stereo mix)not rated2:25
13. The Coffee Song (stereo mix)not rated2:48
14. I Feel Free (mono mix)not rated2:52
15. N.S.U. (mono mix)not rated2:45
16. Sleepy Time Time (mono mix)not rated4:23
17. Dreaming (mono mix)not rated2:01
18. Sweet Wine (mono mix)not rated3:20
19. Cat's Squirrel (mono mix)not rated3:08
20. Four Until Late (mono mix)not rated2:08
21. Rollin' And Tumblin' (mono mix)not rated4:43
22. I'm So Glad (mono mix)not rated3:59
23. Toad (mono mix)not rated5:12
24. Spoonful (mono mix)not rated6:31
25. Wrapping Paper (mono mix)not rated2:25
26. The Coffee Song (mono mix)not rated2:48

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