The Durutti Column (23 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Durutti ColumnA Paean To WilsonLP4/20/2013not rated
The Durutti ColumnChronicle XL2CD6/6/2014not rated1:53:27
The Durutti ColumnCircuses And BreadLP4/23/2021not rated
The Durutti ColumnDomo ArigatoCD1986not rated1:19:39
The Durutti ColumnDryLP2021not rated55:14
The Durutti ColumnGreetings Three12" vinyl2017not rated
The Durutti ColumnIdiot SavantsLP8/29/2020not rated52:20
The Durutti ColumnKeep BreathingLP11/6/2020not rated
The Durutti ColumnLCLP11/1981not rated41:37
The Durutti ColumnLove In The Time Of RecessionLP11/6/2020not rated
The Durutti ColumnM24J (Anthology)LP9/20/2018not rated
The Durutti ColumnRebellionLP11/6/2020not rated52:34
The Durutti ColumnReturn Of The Sporadic Recordings2CD6/2002not rated2:05:32
The Durutti ColumnSex And DeathLP2021not rated1:15:32
The Durutti ColumnSex and DeathCD3/1995not rated50:00
The Durutti ColumnShort Stories For PaulineLP11/2020not rated
The Durutti ColumnSomeone Else's PartyLP11/6/2020not rated
The Durutti ColumnSporadic ThreeCD4/2/2007not rated1:03:39
The Durutti ColumnSunlight To Blue...Blue To BlacknessCD6/23/2008not rated55:54
The Durutti ColumnThe Return Of The Durutti ColumnCD1996not rated48:15
The Durutti ColumnTime Was Gigantic... When We Were KidsCD10/1998not rated58:26
The Durutti ColumnVini Reilly + Womad LiveLP4/20/2020not rated1:27:28
The Durutti ColumnWithout MercyLP10/1984not rated38:21