Jon Hassell (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Jon HassellAka / Darbari / Java - Magic RealismLP1983not rated43:53
Jon HassellCity: Works Of FictionCD5/2014not rated3:22:02
Jon HassellCity: Works Of FictionLP2014not rated
Jon HassellDream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two)LP1981not rated36:04
Jon HassellEarthquake IslandLP1978not rated39:16
Jon HassellFascinomaCD1999not rated1:00:30
Jon HassellLast Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The StreetCD2009not rated1:03:48
Jon HassellListening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)LP6/8/2018not rated
Jon HassellMaarifa Street (Magic Realism 2)CD5/2005not rated1:01:41
Jon HassellPower SpotLP1986not rated47:35
Jon HassellPsychogeographyLP2/17/2023not rated47:43
Jon HassellSeeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two)LP7/24/2020not rated38:08
Jon HassellSulla StradaCD1998not rated1:05:18
Jon HassellThe Living CityLP2/17/2023not rated1:07:53
Jon HassellThe Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of SoundLP1987not rated53:30
Jon HassellVernal EquinoxLP3/20/2020not rated