Blurt (38 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
BlurtBeneath Discordant SkiesCD2015not rated41:28
BlurtBeneath Discordant SkiesLP10/29/2015not rated36:13
BlurtBlurtLP1982not rated37:57
BlurtBullets for YouLP1984not rated31:14
BlurtCelebrating The Bespoke Cell Of Little-EaseCD1998not rated38:00
BlurtCelebrating the BespokeCD1999not rated38:06
BlurtCut It!CD7/15/2010not rated41:53
BlurtCut It!7" vinyl9/15/2008not rated5:06
BlurtCut it!LP2021not rated
BlurtFriday The 12thLP1985not rated41:44
BlurtGiant Lizards On High/Fresh Meat For Martyrs7" vinyl2014not rated7:08
BlurtI Wan See Ella7" vinyl5/10/2015not rated8:31
BlurtIn BerlinLP1981not rated35:57
BlurtKenny Rogers' Greatest Hit (Take 2)CD1989not rated48:30
BlurtKenny Rogers' Greatest Hit (Take 2)LP1989not rated
BlurtLive At OtoCDR2/3/2017not rated1:17:58
BlurtLive At OtoLP2/3/2017not rated
BlurtLive Bern, Switzerland 25-2-1991Tape1991not rated1:04:24
BlurtMy Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of The People/Get7" vinyl1980not rated7:00
BlurtPagan StringsLP1992not rated
BlurtPagan StringsCD1992not rated47:28
BlurtPoppycockLP1986not rated25:19
BlurtSix Views in Black (Sixty Minutes of Blurt in Blighty)Tape1985not rated
BlurtSix Views in Black (Sixty Minutes of Blurt in Blighty)CDR1985not rated56:05
BlurtSmoke TimeCD1987not rated41:06
BlurtSpecial Russian Tour RecordLathe Cut2019not rated
BlurtThe Best of Blurt Volume 1 - The Fish Needs A BikeCD2003not rated49:00
BlurtThe Best of Blurt Volume 2 - The Body That They Built To Fit The CarCD6/5/2006not rated56:02
BlurtThe Body Live!CD1989not rated57:32
BlurtThe Body That They Built To Fit The CarCD1988not rated19:35
BlurtThe Body That They Built To Fit The Car/Mickey12" vinyl1987not rated8:26
BlurtThe Factory RecordingsCD7/8/2008not rated54:17
BlurtThe Fish Needs a Bike/This Is My Royal Wedding Souvenir7" vinyl1981not rated4:56
BlurtThe Kenny Rogers Greatest HitLP1989not rated35:19
BlurtThe Kenny Rogers Greatest HitCD1989not rated35:20
BlurtThe Ruminant Plinth/Spill The Beans12" vinyl1983not rated13:37
BlurtTrees/Some Come7" vinyl1982not rated7:13
BlurtWhite Line Fever12" vinyl1984not rated14:50