Peter Hammill (24 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Peter Hammill...all that might have been...CD2014**2:07:21
Peter HammillA Black BoxLP4/10/1989*****
Peter HammillA Black BoxCD1980*****40:53
Peter HammillAnd Close as ThisLP1/12/1996*****
Peter HammillChameleon in the Shadow of the NightLP4/10/1989*****
Peter HammillEnter KLP12/31/1993**** 1/2
Peter HammillFireshipsCD*** 1/252:16
Peter HammillFool's MateLP10/24/1988*****
Peter HammillIn CameraLP**** 1/2
Peter HammillIn a Foreign TownLP2/18/2002****
Peter HammillNadir's Big ChanceLP10/24/1988****
Peter HammillNone Of The AboveCD2000****44:33
Peter HammillNot Yet Not NowCD box set3/29/2019*****8:41:36
Peter HammillOverLP6/1/1991*****
Peter HammillPatienceLP8/7/2006*****
Peter HammillPh7LP4/1/1989**** 1/2
Peter HammillRoom Temperature LiveCD1990not rated2:25:51
Peter HammillSitting TargetsLP2/11/1994**** 1/2
Peter HammillSkinLP9/3/2007****
Peter HammillThe Fall of the House of Usher (Deconstructed & Rebuilt)CD1999****1:17:06
Peter HammillThe Future NowLP10/30/2006**** 1/2
Peter HammillThe Margin +LP11/5/2001*****
Peter HammillThe Silent Corner And The Empty StageCD1974*****49:47
Peter HammillThe Silent Corner and the Empty StageLP10/24/1988*****