Frank Zappa (100 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Frank ZappaOrchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary Deluxe EditionCD2019**** 1/22:31:32
Frank ZappaRoad Tapes - Venue #2CD2013**** 1/22:20:22
Frank ZappaThe Lumpy Money Project-ObjectCD2008**** 1/23:26:08
Zappa, Frank'Tis The Season To Be JellyCD1991***36:09
Zappa, Frank200 MotelsCD1971**** 1/21:32:11
Zappa, FrankAbsolutely FreeCD1967*****43:42
Zappa, FrankAhead Of Their TimeCD1993****1:07:39
Zappa, FrankAnyway The Wind BlowsCD1991***1:27:24
Zappa, FrankApostrophe (')LP1974*****
Zappa, FrankAs An AmCD1981***43:37
Zappa, FrankBebop Tango Contest LiveCD6/22/2015*** 1/252:55
Zappa, FrankBongo FuryLP6/1/1989*****
Zappa, FrankBroadway The Hard WayCD1988****1:11:11
Zappa, FrankBuffalo 1980-10-25CD2007not rated2:20:33
Zappa, FrankBurnt Weeny SandwichLP1970*****
Zappa, FrankCheap ThrillsCD1998***47:43
Zappa, FrankChicago '78CD2016not rated1:59:55
Zappa, FrankChunga's RevengeLP6/1/1990*****
Zappa, FrankCivilization Phaze IIICD1994* 1/21:53:48
Zappa, FrankCruising With Ruben & The JetsCD1968***41:25
Zappa, FrankDance Me ThisCD2015*** 1/248:20
Zappa, FrankDitties and BeerCD***1:05:19
Zappa, FrankDutch CourageCD1980not rated2:39:30
Zappa, FrankFZ:OZCD2002*** 1/22:26:53
Zappa, FrankFillmore East: June 1971LP5/29/1995*****
Zappa, FrankFrancesco ZappaLP5/18/1992****
Zappa, FrankFrank Zappa Meets the Mothers of PreventionLP9/1/1990*** 1/2
Zappa, FrankFrank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial TributeCD1996not rated54:08
Zappa, FrankFreak Out!CD1966*****1:00:31
Zappa, FrankFreaks & Motherfu*#@%!CD1970***40:05
Zappa, FrankGuitarCD1988**** 1/22:12:16
Zappa, FrankHalloween In The Big AppleCD1977*** 1/247:39
Zappa, FrankHalloween [NTSC] [DVD AUDIO]DVD Audio7/14/2003*****
Zappa, FrankHot RatsLP4/1/2002*****
Zappa, FrankHot RatsCD1969*****47:12
Zappa, FrankImaginary DiseasesCD2006not rated1:03:10
Zappa, FrankJazz from HellLP5/1/1995*****
Zappa, FrankJoe's CamouflageCD2014not rated47:54
Zappa, FrankJoe's CorsageCD2004not rated35:37
Zappa, FrankJoe's DomageCD2004not rated55:32
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage - Acts I, II & IIILP box set1979*****
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage - Acts I, II, & IIICD1979*****1:55:14
Zappa, FrankJoe's XmasageCD2005not rated55:39
Zappa, FrankJust Another Band from L.A.LP5/1/1995*****
Zappa, FrankLeatheretteCD1978*** 1/21:29:59
Zappa, FrankLondon Symphony Orchestra Vol. 1 & 2CD1983*****1:35:47
Zappa, FrankLondon Symphony Orchestra, Vols. 1 & 2LP1987*****
Zappa, FrankL├ĄtherCD1977*****2:53:18
Zappa, FrankMake A Jazz Noise HereCD1991*****2:16:59
Zappa, FrankMeat Light - The Uncle Meat ProjectCD2016*****3:27:35
Zappa, FrankOne Shot DealCD2008not rated51:55
Zappa, FrankOne Size Fits AllLP5/1/1995*****
Zappa, FrankOrchestral FavouritesLP1978*****33:55
Zappa, FrankOvernite SensationLP4/17/1995*****
Zappa, FrankPhilly '76CD1976*****2:13:55
Zappa, FrankPiquantiqueCD1973****40:41
Zappa, FrankPlayground PsychoticsCD1992****2:12:31
Zappa, FrankPuttin' On The RitzCD****2:32:23
Zappa, FrankQuaudiophiliac [DVD AUDIO]DVD Audio9/27/2004*****
Zappa, FrankRoxy & ElsewhereLP5/1/1995*****
Zappa, FrankRoxy By ProxyCD*****1:15:37
Zappa, FrankSaarbrucken 1979CD1979***1:13:04
Zappa, FrankSheik YerboutiCD1979*****1:10:31
Zappa, FrankShip Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning WitchLP4/1/2002*** 1/2
Zappa, FrankShut Up 'n Play Yer GuitarLP1/1/1990*****
Zappa, FrankSleep DirtLP4/1/2002*****
Zappa, FrankSon of Cheep ThrillsCD1999***44:54
Zappa, FrankStudio TanLP1978*****
Zappa, FrankThe ArkCD1968***51:51
Zappa, FrankThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeCD1991*****2:11:29
Zappa, FrankThe Grand WazooLP5/15/1995*****
Zappa, FrankThe Grand WazooCD1972*****37:05
Zappa, FrankThe Lost EpisodesCD1996****1:11:25
Zappa, FrankThe Man from UtopiaLP5/1/1995****
Zappa, FrankThe Muffin Man Goes To CollegeCD1975*** 1/22:03:05
Zappa, FrankThe Perfect StrangerLP4/1/2002*****
Zappa, FrankThe Roxy PerformancesCD2018not rated7:55:57
Zappa, FrankThe Yellow SharkCD1993*****1:12:00
Zappa, FrankThem Or UsCD1984****1:10:53
Zappa, FrankThem Or UsLP5/1/1995****
Zappa, FrankThing FishLP2/1/1990** 1/2
Zappa, FrankTinseltown RebellionCD1981****1:07:46
Zappa, FrankTinseltown RebellionLP1981****
Zappa, FrankUncle MeatCD1969*** 1/22:00:44
Zappa, FrankUnmitigated AudacityCD1991***46:51
Zappa, FrankWaka/JawakaLP1972*****
Zappa, FrankWaka/JawakaCD1972*****36:09
Zappa, FrankWazoo!CD12/16/2008*****
Zappa, FrankWe're Only In It For The Money-Lumpy GravyCD1968*****1:10:52
Zappa, FrankWeasels Ripped My FleshLP6/1/1990*****
Zappa, FrankYou Are What You IsLP5/1/1995****
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 1CD1988*****2:17:35
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 2CD1988*****1:56:54
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 3CD1989*****2:15:10
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 4CD1991****2:14:04
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 5CD1992****2:20:54
Zappa, FrankYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 6CD1992****2:17:33
Zappa, FrankZappa In New YorkCD1977****1:41:56
Zappa, FrankZoot AlluresCD1976****42:32
Zappa, FrankZoot AlluresLP5/1/1995****42:28