Yngwie J. Malmsteen (59 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SteelerAmerican Metal - The Steeler AnthologyMP32005not rated57:09
SteelerRulin' The EarthFLAC1985not rated40:29
SteelerSteelerFLAC1983not rated36:50
SteelerStrike BackFLAC1986not rated38:10
SteelerUndercover AnimalFLAC1988not rated39:26
Yngwie J. MalmsteenAttack!!FLAC2002not rated1:07:43
Yngwie J. MalmsteenInspiration [Limited Edition]FLAC1996not rated2:01:06
Yngwie J. MalmsteenPre-Rising Force DemoMP3not rated18:23
Yngwie J. MalmsteenRelentlessFLAC2010not rated1:06:03
Yngwie J. MalmsteenSpellboundMP32012not rated54:04
Yngwie J. MalmsteenThe GenesisFLAC2002not rated1:08:58
Yngwie J. MalmsteenTrilogy [Japan 2007 Remaster]FLAC1986not rated41:05
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceAlchemy [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1999not rated1:11:33
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceAttack!!FLAC2002not rated1:09:16
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceBirth Of The SunFLAC2002not rated48:19
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceCracking The Night '99FLAC1999not rated1:13:05
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceLive In ClevelandFLAC10/18/2008not rated1:51:21
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceMarching Out [Japan 2007 Remaster]FLAC1985not rated45:04
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceOdyssey [Japan 2007 Remaster ]FLAC1988not rated50:33
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceReturn Of Rock StarFLAC7/16/2008not rated1:36:46
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising ForceWar To End All Wars [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC2000not rated1:11:21
Yngwie MalmsteenAngels Of LoveFLAC2009not rated51:45
Yngwie MalmsteenBlue LightningFLAC2019not rated50:49
Yngwie MalmsteenBlue Lightning (DeLuxe)MP32019not rated57:46
Yngwie MalmsteenConcerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1998not rated42:22
Yngwie MalmsteenConcerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E flat minor Opus 1 LiveFLAC1999not rated1:13:24
Yngwie MalmsteenEclipseFLAC1990not rated55:27
Yngwie MalmsteenFacing The Animal [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1998not rated1:03:22
Yngwie MalmsteenFan Club VinylMP31985not rated35:01
Yngwie MalmsteenFar Beyond The Rising SunFLAC2008not rated1:08:48
Yngwie MalmsteenFire & IceFLAC1992not rated1:08:45
Yngwie MalmsteenGuitar Gods F.M. Kirby Center Wilkes-Barre PaFLAC6/12/2014not rated1:56:13
Yngwie MalmsteenI Can't Wait [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1994not rated41:49
Yngwie MalmsteenInspirationFLACnot rated2:01:07
Yngwie MalmsteenInspiration [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1996not rated1:00:15
Yngwie MalmsteenLive!!FLAC1998not rated1:39:13
Yngwie MalmsteenMagnum Opus [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1995not rated52:14
Yngwie MalmsteenMinneapolis, MnFLAC9/29/1985not rated42:32
Yngwie MalmsteenMinneapolis, Mn.FLAC10/15/1986not rated54:39
Yngwie MalmsteenNewport Music Hall - Columbus OhioFLAC5/7/2017not rated1:27:45
Yngwie MalmsteenRelentlessMP32010not rated1:08:22
Yngwie MalmsteenRising Force (Demos)FLAC1983not rated1:29:11
Yngwie MalmsteenRising Force (Japan 2007 Remaster)FLAC1984not rated39:40
Yngwie MalmsteenSpotlightFLAC1983not rated57:47
Yngwie MalmsteenSulivan Stadium Foxborough maFLAC8/31/1986not rated48:18
Yngwie MalmsteenSummerfest Milwaukee WIFLAC7/6/1985not rated1:27:39
Yngwie MalmsteenTango Club, Beijing, ChinaFLAC10/5/2018not rated1:39:04
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Best Of 1990-1999FLAC2000not rated1:10:24
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Odeon, Cleveland, OhioFLAC4/8/2001not rated1:17:51
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Seventh Sign [2001 HDCD Remaster]FLAC1994not rated52:48
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Seventh Sign [2003 Reissue]FLAC1994not rated51:22
Yngwie MalmsteenThe Yngwie Malmsteen CollectionFLAC1992not rated1:12:58
Yngwie MalmsteenTrial By Fire: Live In LeningradFLAC1989not rated1:06:34
Yngwie MalmsteenWorld On FireFLAC2016not rated44:17
Yngwie MalmsteenYoung Person's Guide to the Classics, Vol. 1FLAC2000not rated1:48:07
Yngwie Malmsteen's PowerhouseDemo TapeFLAC1978not rated1:17:22
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForcePerpetual FlameFLAC2008not rated1:08:41
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForceSummerfest Milwaukee WIFLAC7/6/1985not rated1:28:54
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForceUnleash The FuryFLAC2005not rated1:12:15