Twisted Sister (27 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Dee SniderFor the Love of MetalFLAC2018not rated41:26
Dee SniderNever Let The Bastards Wear You DownFLAC2000not rated40:47
DesperadoBloodied But UnbowedFLAC1996not rated1:02:36
Eddie OjedaAxes 2 AxesMP32005not rated38:48
Twisted SisterA Twisted ChristmasFLAC2006not rated45:52
Twisted SisterAberdeen, NJFLAC8/31/1981not rated2:03:50
Twisted SisterBig Hits And Nasty CutsFLAC1992not rated1:07:08
Twisted SisterClub Daze, Vol 2 Live in the BarsFLAC2001not rated54:05
Twisted SisterClub Daze, Vol.1 The Studio SessionsFLAC1999not rated54:54
Twisted SisterCome Out And Play (1999 Remastered)FLAC1985not rated46:05
Twisted SisterDetroit's, Port Chester, NY, USAFLAC5/24/1980not rated1:32:19
Twisted SisterDetroit's, Port Chester, NY, USAFLAC6/29/1979not rated1:20:53
Twisted SisterGood Times Cafe, Poughkeepsie, NY (FM Broadcast)FLAC6/13/1980not rated1:50:29
Twisted SisterL'Amours, Brooklyn, NYFLAC12/31/1981not rated2:47:33
Twisted SisterLive At HammersmithFLAC1995not rated1:27:37
Twisted SisterLive At The Marquee Club '83MP32011not rated1:12:49
Twisted SisterLive at the AstoriaMP32008not rated1:14:21
Twisted SisterLove Is For Suckers (1999 Remastered)FLAC1987not rated52:44
Twisted SisterMonsters of Rock, Castle DonningtonFLAC1983not rated37:51
Twisted SisterRuff CuttsMP31982not rated17:45
Twisted SisterSick Mutha Fuckers - LiveMP31984not rated51:37
Twisted SisterStay Hungry (25th Anniversary Edition)FLAC1984not rated1:16:31
Twisted SisterStill HungryFLAC2004not rated1:11:24
Twisted SisterTS1980MP31980not rated19:31
Twisted SisterTwisted Christmas (DVD)MP32007not rated1:06:25
Twisted SisterUnder The Blade (1999 Remastered)FLAC1982not rated40:05
Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll (Remastered)FLAC1983not rated45:49