Michael Schenker Group (84 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Barden, Gary JohnThe Agony And XtasyMP32006not rated43:51
MSG1979-01-01 Studio JamFLAC1979not rated43:26
MSGBe Aware Of ScorpionsAPEnot rated56:40
MSGEssential Michael Schenker GroupFLAC1992not rated1:07:29
MSGRed Sky In BelfastFLAC1983not rated1:14:38
MSGWelcome Back Gary Germany, 98MP31998not rated1:11:04
McAuley Schenker GroupM.S.G.FLAC1991not rated53:33
McAuley Schenker GroupNightmare: The Acoustic M.S.G.MP31992not rated30:33
McAuley Schenker GroupPerfect TimingFLAC1987not rated1:25:35
McAuley Schenker GroupSave Yourself320 kbps1989not rated1:05:01
McAuley Schenker GroupSave YourselfFLAC1989not rated51:12
Michael SchenkerAdventures Of The Imagination320 kbps2000not rated53:44
Michael SchenkerAnthologyAPEnot rated2:11:40
Michael SchenkerCry For The NationsFLAC1980not rated14:06
Michael SchenkerDreams and Expressions320 kbps2001not rated42:45
Michael SchenkerForever And More The Best OfFLAC2003not rated1:51:19
Michael SchenkerForever and more - The best of Michael Schenker320 kbps2003not rated1:51:13
Michael SchenkerGreatest Riffs320 kbps2009not rated1:17:31
Michael SchenkerInstrumental IntensityMP32009not rated56:44
Michael SchenkerKokaido - JapanFLAC1/27/1984not rated1:16:46
Michael SchenkerLovedriveFLAC6/23/2013not rated1:07:26
Michael SchenkerMS 2000: Dreams & ExpressionsMP32001not rated42:49
Michael SchenkerMichael Schenker - AnthologyMP31991not rated1:07:44
Michael SchenkerMichael Schenker Fest Tokyo JapanFLAC8/24/2016not rated2:34:30
Michael SchenkerNuremberg Germany HemmerleinhalleFLAC12/1/1983not rated1:00:15
Michael SchenkerOsaka JapanFLAC8/23/2016not rated2:25:29
Michael SchenkerSapporo JapanFLAC8/26/2016not rated2:35:18
Michael SchenkerSellersville Theater Sellersville PaFLAC1/27/2014not rated1:38:16
Michael SchenkerTemple Of RockFLAC2011not rated1:04:11
Michael SchenkerThank YouMP31993not rated45:37
Michael SchenkerThank You with OrchestraMP31999not rated44:57
Michael SchenkerThank You, Vol. 2320 kbps2002not rated45:03
Michael SchenkerThank You, Vol. 3320 kbps2001not rated39:08
Michael SchenkerThank You, Vol. 4320 kbps2003not rated43:30
Michael SchenkerThe Odd Trio320 kbps2000not rated44:25
Michael Schenker & FriendsBlood Of The SunFLAC2005not rated1:15:49
Michael Schenker & Pete WayThe Plot [Michael Schenker & Pete Way]2003MP32003not rated54:39
Michael Schenker GroupASSAULT ATTACK DEMOS320 kbps1983not rated55:13
Michael Schenker GroupArachnophobiacFLAC2003not rated52:22
Michael Schenker GroupArmed & Ready - The Best Of Michael Schenker Group320 kbps1994not rated1:12:09
Michael Schenker GroupBe Aware Of Scorpions320 kbps2001not rated1:00:30
Michael Schenker GroupBuilt To DestroyFLAC1984not rated1:19:25
Michael Schenker GroupBy Invitation OnlyFLAC2011not rated1:05:21
Michael Schenker GroupHeavy HittersAPE2005not rated49:33
Michael Schenker GroupHouse Of Blues ChicagoMP32001not rated1:58:07
Michael Schenker GroupIn The Midst Of BeautyFLAC2008not rated49:39
Michael Schenker GroupIn the Midst Of Beauty World Tour (live)320 kbps2008not rated1:26:24
Michael Schenker GroupMSGFLAC1981not rated1:11:33
Michael Schenker GroupMichael Schenker Group320 kbps1979not rated1:27:57
Michael Schenker GroupMoscow RussiaFLAC11/12/2009not rated1:37:18
Michael Schenker GroupOsaka JapanFLAC8/8/1984not rated1:02:13
Michael Schenker GroupOsaka JapanFLAC8/9/1984not rated1:24:44
Michael Schenker GroupReactivate LiveWMA2002not rated3:15:34
Michael Schenker GroupReactivate Live Disc 2MP3not rated45:08
Michael Schenker GroupReading320 kbps1982not rated55:53
Michael Schenker GroupRock Will Never DieMP31984not rated1:13:48
Michael Schenker GroupTales Of Rock 'n' RollFLAC2006not rated56:50
Michael Schenker GroupThe 30th Anniversary Concert - Live in Tokyo320 kbps2010not rated1:44:17
Michael Schenker GroupThe Michael Schenker Group: The Chrysalis Years 1980 - 1984FLAC2008not rated5:44:23
Michael Schenker GroupThe Michael Schenker Story Live320 kbps1997not rated2:29:31
Michael Schenker GroupUnforgiven World TourMP31999not rated1:45:54
Michael Schenker GroupUnplugged LiveFLAC1993not rated50:59
Michael Schenker GroupWalk The Stage - The Official Bootleg Box Set320 kbps2009not rated4:56:13
Michael Schenker GroupWorldwide LiveMP32004not rated1:18:40
Michael Schenker GroupWritten In The SandFLACnot rated1:00:38
Michael Schenker's Temple Of RockBridge The GapFLAC2013not rated49:18
Michael Schenker's Temple Of RockNakano SunplazaFLAC6/19/2015not rated1:43:13
Michael Schenker, Pete WayThe PlotMP32003not rated53:59
Micheal SchenkerThe Kulick Sessions320 kbps2008not rated1:14:35
Robin McAuleyBusiness As UsualMP31999not rated48:32
Robin Trower & Michael SchenkerBack 2 Back Hits320 kbps1998not rated52:26
Schenker-Barden Acoustic ProjectGipsy LadyMP32009not rated47:51
Schenker-Pattison SummitThe Endless Jam320 kbps2004not rated59:02
Schugar/SchenkerUnder ConstructionMP32003not rated29:24
Shchenker-Pattison SummitThe Endless Jam Continues320 kbps2005not rated1:05:50
Siggi Schwarz & Michael SchenkerLive Together, 2004MP32007not rated1:01:58
Siggi Schwarz And Michael SchenkerLive Together 2004320 kbps2006not rated1:01:41
The Michael Schenker GroupBuilt To Destroy (Digital Remaster)320 kbps1983not rated1:18:31
The Michael Schenker GroupCry For The NationsFLAC1980not rated15:06
The Michael Schenker GroupOne Night At BudokanAPE1981not rated1:33:32
The Michael Schenker GroupOne Night At BudokanFLAC1981not rated1:33:22
The Michael Schenker GroupRock Will Never DieFLAC1984not rated1:13:52
The Michael Schenker GroupThe Michael Schenker GroupFLAC1980not rated1:14:41