Glenn Hughes (82 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
California BreedCalifornia BreedFLAC2014not rated56:38
California BreedGramercy Theatre, New York, NY, USAFLAC5/31/2014not rated1:39:06
Glenn Hughes2012-07-09 - PAC, Tel Aviv, Israel [FM]FLACnot rated1:48:51
Glenn HughesA Soulful Christmas320kbps2000not rated58:07
Glenn HughesAcoustic at the Basement256kbps2006not rated1:40:21
Glenn HughesAddictionFLAC1996not rated50:50
Glenn HughesAddiction [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition]MP32017not rated2:21:12
Glenn HughesAdmiralspalast, Berlin, GermanyFLAC10/17/2018not rated1:55:08
Glenn HughesAlte Seilerei, Mannheim, GermanyFLAC9/22/2015not rated1:57:21
Glenn HughesAstoria 2, London, EnglandFLAC11/23/2000not rated1:34:32
Glenn HughesBuilding The MachineFLAC2001not rated1:00:35
Glenn HughesBurning Japan LiveFLAC1994not rated1:13:36
Glenn HughesCarioca Club - Sao PauloFLAC8/16/2015not rated1:56:47
Glenn HughesClub Chocolate Santiago, CLFLAC4/12/2018not rated17:42
Glenn HughesClub Chocolate Santiago, CL - 2018-04-12FLAC4/12/2018not rated1:47:18
Glenn HughesDavid Coverdale and Glenn Hughes Los AngelesFLAC12/15/2000not rated33:14
Glenn HughesFabrik, Hamburg, GermanyFLAC11/3/2000not rated1:00:42
Glenn HughesFeelFLAC1995not rated1:00:56
Glenn HughesFeel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition]MP32017not rated2:19:20
Glenn HughesFirst Underground Nuclear KitchenFLAC2008not rated56:52
Glenn HughesFrom Now On...FLAC1994not rated1:10:06
Glenn HughesFused BonusWMA2005not rated14:36
Glenn HughesGeorg-Elser-Hallen, Munich, GermanyFLAC11/15/2000not rated1:00:43
Glenn HughesGlenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live, Graspop Metal Meeting, DesselFLAC6/21/2019not rated56:38
Glenn HughesHamburgFLAC10/18/2018not rated1:57:49
Glenn HughesHof Ter Lo, Antwerpen, BelgiumFLAC11/20/2000not rated1:02:12
Glenn HughesHolmfirth UKFLAC11/23/2019not rated2:05:42
Glenn HughesIncense & PeachesFLAC2000not rated53:03
Glenn HughesKöln, Live Music Hall, GermanyFLAC11/19/2000not rated59:05
Glenn HughesL.A. Blues Authority Volume II - BluesFLAC1993not rated1:04:06
Glenn HughesLKA Longhorn Konzerte Club, Stuttgart, GermanyFLAC11/12/2000not rated1:03:20
Glenn HughesLeeds University UnioFLAC10/9/2018not rated1:52:05
Glenn HughesLichtenvoorde, HOLFLAC6/11/2005not rated58:46
Glenn HughesLive In AustraliaFLAC2008not rated1:16:46
Glenn HughesLive In BorlangeMP31993not rated1:09:41
Glenn HughesMusic For The DivineFLAC2006not rated51:35
Glenn HughesPlay Me OutMP31977not rated1:05:03
Glenn HughesPlay Me Out / Four On The FloorFLAC1990not rated1:19:55
Glenn HughesRaismes Fest, Raismes, FranceFLAC9/14/2019not rated1:40:52
Glenn HughesResonateFLAC2016not rated51:17
Glenn HughesResonate (Deluxe)MP32016not rated56:13
Glenn HughesReturn Of Crystal KarmaFLAC2000not rated3:18:31
Glenn HughesSantiago, ChileFLAC8/28/2015not rated1:42:30
Glenn HughesShowcase Live Foxboro, MA.FLAC3/27/2009not rated1:55:42
Glenn HughesSongs In The Key Of RockFLAC2003not rated53:20
Glenn HughesSoul MoverFLAC2005not rated1:01:58
Glenn HughesSoulfully Live In The City Of AngelsFLAC2004not rated1:33:47
Glenn HughesState Theatre Sydney, AustraliaFLAC9/20/2017not rated2:04:09
Glenn HughesSweden Rock FestivaFLAC6/7/2018not rated1:10:28
Glenn HughesSweden Rock FestivalFLAC6/7/2018not rated33:08
Glenn HughesTalk About ItFLAC1997not rated23:52
Glenn HughesThe Basement Sydney, AustraliaFLAC4/25/2013not rated1:38:11
Glenn HughesThe Capitol, Hannover, GermanyFLAC11/2/2000not rated56:48
Glenn HughesThe God Of Voice - Best Of Glenn Hughes [Japanese Edition]FLAC1998not rated1:16:05
Glenn HughesThe Robin 2, Bilston, WolverhamptonMP39/20/2008not rated2:29:48
Glenn HughesThe Sage, GatesheadFLAC9/27/2010not rated1:52:24
Glenn HughesThe Way It IsFLAC1999not rated1:00:43
Glenn HughesThis Time AroundMP32007not rated2:23:51
Glenn HughesTommy Bolin Tribute (Both Nights)320kbps1997not rated2:26:43
Glenn HughesTribute to Tommy BolinMP32000not rated1:06:59
Glenn HughesUnreleased Warner Bros. AlbumMP31990not rated47:33
Glenn HughesVirgin Oil Co.FLAC11/10/2006not rated1:56:41
Glenn HughesWhite Soul Rockin' BlackMP3not rated1:04:30
Glenn HughesWizzard_Of_Three_FacesMP35/15/1998not rated1:43:42
Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn TurnerMichael Men Project. Made In MoscowMP32005not rated40:34
Hughes Turner ProjectHTPFLAC2002not rated1:05:53
Hughes Turner ProjectHTP 2FLAC2003not rated1:02:35
Hughes Turner ProjectHigher Power, Fukuoka Drum LogosFLAC5/11/2002not rated1:46:10
Hughes Turner ProjectLive In TokyoFLAC2002not rated1:15:12
Hughes Turner ProjectRio's, Bradford UKFLAC4/6/2004not rated1:45:48
Hughes Turner ProjectShibuya-Club Quattro, Tokyo JapanFLAC2/6/2004not rated1:44:14
Hughes Turner ProjectSoul BrothersFLAC2002not rated1:47:47
HughesThrallHighway Star (Lubbock, TX)FLAC10/29/1982not rated1:15:01
HughesThrallHughesThrallFLAC1982not rated36:44
HughesThrallHughesThrall Remaster320kbps2007not rated46:26
HughesThrallROCKLINE, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.FLAC9/27/1982not rated17:13
Keith Emerson, Glenn Hughes & Marc BonillaBoys Club - Live From CaliforniaFLAC1998not rated1:08:28
ROCK & ROLL ALL STARSTeatro VorterixFLAC4/22/2012not rated1:12:25
The BobaloosThe Bobaloos320kbps1999not rated41:23
Voodoo HillVoodoo HillFLAC2000not rated53:46
Voodoo HillWaterfallFLAC2015not rated1:00:48
Voodoo HillWild Seed Of Mother EarthFLAC2004not rated56:13